What is Samsung One Connect: Centralize your connections

It is likely that your living room is full of cables that seem to be multiplying out of control, and you would like to solve this problem. Well, Samsung’s One Connect system can help you. It is a device that is included in some of the brand’s models and that allows you to simplify and improve the organization of cables.

Want to know what it is? In this article, we will take a closer look at how the Samsung One Connect works.

What is the One Connect system?

With Samsung’s One Connect, you can organize all of your cables in one spot, giving your room a clean, uncluttered look. It consists of an external device connected to the TV by a single cable that is responsible for transmitting both the signal and the power supply.

One Connect single cable
One Connect single cable

The look of this box has evolved over time, and since its first appearance in 2013, it has had different sizes and connections. The current Slim One Connect has all the ports built in and comes with two cables. One in case you want to attach it to the TV stand and a longer one to place it separately on a table, for example.

Advantages of the Samsung One Connect

Centralizing your connections with Samsung One Connect offers numerous cable management benefits. Here are some of the key benefits that make this system a smart choice for organizing your cables:

  1. It allows you to easily and quickly connect all your devices, eliminating the need for messy and confusing cables. Instead of having to connect multiple cables directly to your TV, you’ll only need one cable to connect your TV to One Connect.
Samsung One Connect accessory
Samsung One Connect accessory
  1. Thanks to its compact design and “single cable”, it can be placed in different locations in the room, providing greater flexibility in interior design.
  1. It makes it easier to mount the TV on the wall. You only need one thin cable to connect the TV to the One Connect. This makes mounting easier and neater, with no tangled cables. For example, if you have a cabinet with a drawer underneath, you can place the One Connect and the devices you want to connect in the drawer so that only the cable from the box to the TV is visible.
  1. If there is a problem with the TV, you may be able to fix it by replacing only this box, rather than sending the entire TV in for service. This way, even if the TV does not work, you will not have to send it in for service.

Disadvantages of the Samsung One Connect

Although the advantages are obvious, there are also a number of drawbacks that you should be aware of:

  1. If you hang the TV on the wall and you have the power and antenna sockets behind the TV, the One Connect can be more of a problem than a solution. And if you have it this way, you will have to make a hole in the wall with the size of the box to hide it.
  1. Fewer and fewer cables are needed as a lot of content is already viewed with apps. For example, if you want to watch Vodafone TV or Movistar+, you can do so by installing the operator’s app.
  1. The connection cable is an expensive accessory and is not available in most stores. Its price is around 100 € and is usually only for sale on the Samsung website. Fortunately, it must be said that the new cables are much more resistant as they are covered with a resistant mesh and you should not have any problems.

Televisions that include it

Below is a list of the current models of the brand with this accessory. Remember that it is not an element that you can add or remove as you wish. If the TV has it, it is an indispensable accessory for its operation, since it has the power supply and connections there.

OLED range: S95C

Neo QLED 8K: QN700C, QN800C and QN900C

Lifestyle range: The Frame


As we have shown you, Samsung’s idea with its One Connect seems very interesting to us. Now it is up to you to evaluate the pros and cons to see if it is really a solution or rather a problem. Take a look at where you have the connections and plan where you would place the box so you can see if it suits you or not that the TV comes with this accessory.

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