The best OLED TVs of 2022: Comparison

If you are looking for a TV with the highest picture quality, then you may be interested in OLED technology. This technology provides a great picture quality, thanks to the high contrast it achieves and its good viewing angles.

OLED is the perfect technology if you want to enjoy movies to the fullest in your living room. The vast majority of manufacturers already opt for this technology in their high-end, so there are more and more models to choose from.

To help you with this task, we have selected the best OLED TVs you can buy in 2022 and you will know the advantages offered by each one. Depending on the use you are going to give it is better that you opt for one or the other.

That said, below, we are going to tell you which are the best OLED TVs you can buy right now.

What is OLED technology?

You may already know how OLED technology works, however, we are going to explain briefly what this technology consists of and what advantages it offers over LED TVs.

First of all, the big difference of OLED TVs, is that unlike LED and LCD TVs, it is a self-emissive technology.

This means that each pixel emits its own light, which means that it is not necessary to use LED bulbs to backlight the display as is the case with LED models.

This brings with it a series of very important advantages such as the black level will be total and we will eliminate the problems of light leakage, clouding, etc.

OLED TVs, are the most recommended for watching movies in a darkened room thanks to their infinite contrast with 100% pure blacks,

Another very important advantage, is that in the manufacture of OLED TVs, fewer layers are used as light diffusers, etc, so they allow for a much lower thickness. When you look at an OLED TV from the side, you can see how they are extremely thin screens, which gives it a more modern and premium feel.

Another advantage to mention, is that the viewing angles are much better and it is possible to view from any position with hardly any loss of picture quality. There are already some premium LED TVs with filters that improve the angles, but they are very few.

This year, Samsung has launched a new OLED technology called QD-OLED, which addresses some of the weaknesses of conventional OLED TVs. We are talking about brightness and color reproduction in high lights. Samsung has sold this new panel to Sony, so both brands have a model with this new technology.

QD-OLED TVs, differ in that they use three sheets of blue OLED, instead of one which favors the lifetime and the reduction of possible burn-in and loss of brightness. In addition, a layer of quantum dots is used as a color converter, instead of filters. This will provide a higher peak brightness that is close to 1500 nits and also a better color volume, making colors look perfect regardless of the brightness level of the image. It is also no longer necessary to add a white subpixel to achieve higher brightness, so the pixel structure is typical RGB.

QD-OLED vs WOLED comparison
QD-OLED vs WOLED comparison

That is, especially in HDR content, the new QD-OLED TVs, better maintain saturation in high lights and colors are prevented from becoming whitish in very bright areas and a greater impact is achieved by having a high brightness.

The best OLED TVs of 2022

Now that you know a little more about OLED technology, let’s see our recommendations of the best OLED TVs on the market in 2022. We have chosen these models by assessing their performance in picture quality, sound and extras.

Samsung S95B – The best OLED TV in 2022

Samsung QD-OLED S95B – The Best OLED TVs of 2022

We begin this list of the best OLED TVs of 2022, with the. Samsung S95B which as we have advanced before, has a new QD-OLED panel. This new technology achieves a higher brightness level by eliminating color filters and white subpixel.

It benefits from the advantages of a self-emissive OLED panel such as a total black level and a wider viewing angle among others and the advantages of Quantum Dot technology such as a better brightness and color level.

Samsung S95B with QD-OLED Technology

In this new S95B, three layers of blue OLED are used, instead of white which helps to avoid possible marking and retention and increases the longevity of the panel. At the same time, it does not use color filters to create red, green and blue. In this case, the blue color is achieved by the light emitted by the organic LEDs and the red and green are obtained by adding Quantum Dots.

The color filter that is used in the WOLED models that we will see next, causes a loss of brightness of almost 40%. Therefore, a white subpixel is added to recover part of this lost brightness, but at the cost of the color volume worsening.

Apart from this, the Samsung S95B introduces a new “Astra Glass” screen coating that improves the viewing angle and makes it the best looking TV from any point. Therefore, it can be viewed without any loss in color and contrast. It also has a very effective anti-glare filter that allows it to be viewed smoothly in bright conditions.

The pity is that it is only available in 55 and 65 inches, so if you are looking for a larger or smaller TV, take a look at the other alternatives we leave you below.



Samsung S95B Advantages
  • New QD-OLED technology
  • Spectacular brightness and colors
  • Best viewing angle on the market
  • Anti-glare filter
  • Less risk of screen burn-in
  • 4 HDMI 2.1 ports and FreeSync Premium Pro

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SAMSUNG 55-Inch QD-OLED 4K 55S95B Series

Quantum HDR Smart TV with Alexa Built-in, Dolby Atmos
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SAMSUNG 65-Inch QD-OLED 4K 65S95B Series

Quantum HDR Smart TV with Alexa Built-in, Dolby Atmos
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LG OLED C1 – Good performance at a very affordable price


This new series replaces the CX of 2020 which we had the opportunity to test a few months ago. Although there are no noticeable differences with its predecessor, in this new C1, moving image management has been improved by enhancing the black frame insertion system. Fast images now look more natural and of higher quality.

LG’s C1 is a very complete OLED TV for any type of use. Of course it is ideal for watching movies thanks to its high contrast, but it is a TV that stands out from the rest of the OLED models that we are going to see, for its excellent performance with video games.

First of all, it should be mentioned that. the OLED C1 series comes with HDMI 2.1 which means you will be able to play games in 4K resolution at 120 Hz. It is also compatible with Nvidia G-Sync for variable refresh rate gaming.

New this year, a panel has been added where all gaming settings are displayed called ‘Game Optimizer’.

In this panel, a wide variety of parameters can be configured to adapt the image according to the type of game. Also, all the frame rate information is displayed, if the variable refresh rate (VRR) is enabled, etc.

LG C1 series OLED gaming optimizer panelLG C1 Series OLED Gaming Optimizer Panel

So, if you’re looking for a TV for use primarily with video games, the LG C1 is one of the best OLED TV for this use. And even more so considering the imminent release of the new generation of consoles such as the PS5 and Xbox Series X that will come with significant improvements and new features.

with the Lg OLEd C1 series, you have an oled TV ready for the latest generation of consoles for a very tight price. you can also purchase it in a variety of sizes ranging from 48 to 83 inches.

But the C1 series is not only a good TV for video games, but also has a very good performance with other content. As we said, this year LG has improved the management of moving images and now the fast scenes look more fluid and more natural.

Also LG OLED TVs stand out, because of the Dynamic Tone Map function, which modifies the luminance curve and adapts it to the level of nits delivered by the screen scene by scene.

This makes HDR 10 content, have a greater impact and make a conversion to what would be the HDR 10+ version, adjusting the luminance curve in real time in each scene so that each of them has a higher brightness and detail.

As for the operating system, it comes with the latest version of WebOS which is 6.0 and as we have commented on numerous occasions, it is a very reliable platform and loads everything very fast.

For ease of use, it comes with the Magic Control remote that has a pointer function and voice control for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants.

Magic Control Remote LG OLED C1Magic Controller LG OLED C1

The C1 series is available in a wide range of sizes starting at 48 inches. If you are one of the many people, who can not either by distance or by space to put a 55-inch TV, now you can enjoy OLED picture quality at 48 inches.

LG OLED C1 Advantages
  • Gaming performance
  • HDMI 2.1 for 4K gaming at 120 Hz
  • Nvidia G-Sync compatible
  • Dolby Vision at 120 Hz for gaming
  • Available in 48 inches
  • Price discounted upon release of new 2022 C2.

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Sony A80K OLED – The reference in sound quality

New Sony A80K OLED TV 2022New Sony OLED TV A80K 2022

We could not forget the Sony A80K series in this list of the TVs with OLED technology that we recommend the most. This model stands out above the rest in the sound section as it features Acoustic Surface technology.

This technology consists of adding two triggers at each end and the screen acts as a membrane. A vibration is produced on the screen, but it is not visible. With these two actuators located behind the TV and vibrating gently, a sound is created that comes out of the screen itself and moves as it does the objects in the scene.

Sony Acoustic Surface sound systemSony Acoustic Surface sound system

But most of all, the dialogues have far superior clarity and the special effects are much more striking.. It plays a wide range of frequencies and also gets very good quality for listening to music via YouTube or Spotify for example.

Thanks to the Acoustic Surface technology, the Sony A80K provides the best sound in your living room.

Although we always recommend adding a separate sound system for better audio fidelity, we can assure you that the A80J, is one of those TVs where you can do without a dedicated audio system.

This A80K, also stands out for the powerful cognitive XR image processor that uses a triple database with millions of stored images to perform first-rate rescaling with sub-4K sources. In addition, the processor is able to understand what is happening in each scene by detecting foreground and background objects.

The cognitive XR processor, works like human vision does and focuses on giving the highest level of texture and cleanliness in the elements where the eye puts the focus. Although much of this is marketing on the part of the brand, the truth is that if you gain a point of depth and sharpness that brings out this model is simply spectacular.

This processor as we have been able to verify, results in very sharp images, but as always, one of the things we like most about Sony TVs, is the moving image. With the OLED A80K, you will enjoy side panoramas without jerks and with a lot of smoothness without creating a soap opera effect.

The brightness level is this Sony A80K good and achieves values of up to 800 nits peak, making it a highly recommended TV for enjoying HDR content and supports HDR Dolby Vision.

The integrated operating system is the new Google TV and that offers a new interface based on recommendations. In turn, it is compatible with both Google assistants and Alexa by simply pressing the microphone button on the remote control.

Sony A80K Advantages
  • Image processing and scaling
  • Motion processing
  • More realistic and immersive sound

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What is the best 4K OLED TV to buy in 2022? Our opinion and recommendation

The models we have seen, are our recommendations of the best OLED TVs you can buy right now. All of them offer spectacular picture quality with spectacular contrast and black level.

While they all provide great picture quality, there are some differences between them and each offers its advantages. In our opinion, the best OLED TV you can buy at the moment is the Samsung S95B which offers the new QD-OLED technology with better brightness and color and at a price that is not much higher than WOLED TVs.

The other alternative that we recommend, is the LG OLED C1 that you can buy right now for a much cheaper price and that is going to give you excellent picture quality and performance, but at a much cheaper price.

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