The best 55-inch TVs you can buy in 2023

The 55-inch size is one of the best-selling TVs and where there is a very wide range of models available. To make it easier for you to choose a TV in this article, we are going to show you our recommendations of the best 55-inch TVs you can buy in this 2023.

Depending on the use you are going to give it, you may be interested in incorporating a number of features or others. Also depending on the budget you have you will have access to a number of technologies or not. In the most economical ranges you will have TVs with LED technology, in slightly higher ranges you will have models with QLED technology and if you have a high budget, you will be able to choose between TVs with Mini LED or OLED technology.

Next, we are going to show you our list of recommendations with the best 55-inch TVs of 2023.

Table of contents – The best 55-inch TVs you can buy in 2023


Samsung Q60B QLED

Samsung Q60B QLED - Best 55-inch TVs in 2023
Samsung Q60B QLED – Best 55-inch TVs in 2023

If you want a 55-inch Smart TV at an affordable price, one of the best options right now is the Samsung Q60B. This model belongs to the new 2022 QLED range and features a slim design, lots of extras and quite acceptable picture quality.

It employs the Quantum Dot technology that consists of adding a layer with millions of nanoparticles in different sizes that transform the blue light in red and green. Thanks to this, the Q60B can provides a wide color gamut and a 100% color volume that mantains the color saturation in all brightness levels.

The brightness without being spectacular, if a little higher than other models in this price range and its VA panel gets a fairly deep blacks.

The backlighting is Edge LED type, so it only has a strip of LEDs at the bottom, so it is not possible to adjust the lighting more precisely as we will see in the top Full Array models.

This does allow it to have an ultra-slim design of just 2.69 cm at the widest part, so if you want to leave it hanging and attached to the wall it is a great option.

It comes with the Tizen operating system, which puts a variety of apps at your fingertips and includes voice control and support for Alexa and Google Assistant.

The remote no longer uses batteries and instead uses a rechargeable battery that you can charge via USB-C. Also on the back it integrates a solar panel so the controller can be charged by sunlight or artificial light.

Samsung BU8000 solar charged controller.Samsung Q60B QLED Solar Charged Remote Controller

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Samsung QN55Q60B 55 inch QLED 4K

Quantum Dual LED HDR Smart TV 2022
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Samsung The Frame (55LS03B)

Samsung The Frame - The best 55-inch TVsSamsung The Frame (55LS03B) – The best 55 inch TVs

Now it’s time to look at a very interesting model especially if you want a design that molds to the design of your home. The Samsung The Frame is a TV that has the appearance of a painting and allows you to camouflage it in this way by displaying pieces of art and with interchangeable custom frames.

To avoid having a black screen when the TV is not on, you can display a series of works of art that are integrated in a way that will simulate that it is actually a painting. For free you get a few paintings, but you can subscribe to the Samsung Art Store and you will have access to hundreds of works of art.

To create that very realistic feeling that it is a painting, it has on the one hand a brightness sensor that adjusts the light to what is in the room. On the other hand, the new 2022 The Frame series, comes with the new matte screen that makes you see absolutely no reflections, which is going to make the feeling that we are in front of a painting even more realistic. Also if you watch it in a brightly lit room, it is the least reflective TV on the market so you can watch your favorite content without problems.

Matt screen of the new Samsung The Frame 2022Matte screen of the new Samsung The Frame 2022

Also, you can add frames that are magnetized so that the aesthetics are like that of a picture hanging on the wall. There are several versions available and the frames are easily interchangeable so you can choose the one that best suits the aesthetics of your home. Right now, until December 31, you have a promotion where Samsung sends you free frames in the color of your choice when you buy the TV. If you want to have more than one, to be exchanging when you feel like it, you can buy them separately.

The Samsung 55LS03B, has the connections located in the One Connect box instead of on the TV. This way, you can hang the TV on the wall with the bracket already included in the box and it will only take one cable from the TV to the box. This cable is the so-called ‘almost invisible cable’, which is a very thin, transparent fiber cable that goes quite unnoticed. This cable has a length of 5 meters, so it gives you great freedom to place the One Connect wherever you want.

Samsung The Frame One ConnectSamsung The Frame One Connect

As we have told you, it comes with a wall mount already included that leaves the TV glued to the wall, but if you prefer to put another you already have or put one with an arm, no problem since the Samsung 55LS03B has VESA 200 x 200 compatibility.

In terms of picture quality it has a QLED panel with a 120 Hz refresh rate and four HDMI 2.1 ports. The panel is VA with Edge LED backlighting, has 8-bit+FRC color depth and supports HDR 10, HLG and HDR10+ formats.

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Sony 55X90K

Sony X90K Bravia XR 2022 - Best 55-inch TVs of 2022Sony X90K Bravia XR- The Best 55-inch TVs of 2023

Within the mid-range, one of the most interesting TVs is the Sony X90K. Like the Samsung Q80B, this TV uses Full Array backlighting with local dimming. This, as mentioned above, improves black depth and brightness over the more basic Edge LED models.

It is the first model in price to incorporate the brand’s powerful cognitive XR processor, which makes an analysis of the incoming signal to improve the depth of the image, and restore nuances and details that are lost in content with compression. This makes low resolution content look very good and with 4K content achieves an exquisite level of detail.

Sony X90K XR Cognitive Processor.Sony X90K Cognitive XR Processor

Motion management is as always one of the facets where the brand stands out the most and in this case the movements look very fluid and smooth, so you watch sports and action movies with maximum sharpness.

Sony 55X90K with Cognitive XR processor.

The sound system is the so-called Acoustic Multi-Audio, which adds two tweeters on the sides so that the sound is projected more towards the front and gives more of a sense that the audio is emitted from the screen itself.

For gamers, it has two HDMI 2.1 ports and support for VRR and ALLM in case you want to use it for gaming on PS5, Xbox Series X or PC.

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Sony 55 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV X90K Series

XR Full Array LED Smart Google TV with Dolby Vision
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LG QNED85 - Best 55-inch TVs you can buy
LG QNED85 – Best 55-inch TVs you can buy

Another TV that we want to include in this list of the best 55-inch TVs of 2023, is the LG QNED85. This is one of the most interesting TVs from LG for this year as it is the most affordable Mini LED TV from the brand.

In this case it uses bulbs up to 40 times smaller in size which allows a higher density of LED diodes to be added than in Full Array LED models like the Sony X90K we just saw.

At 55 inches, a total of 2400 Mini LEDs and independent lighting control of 120 zones are integrated. It is not a large number of zones, but thanks to this higher density of LEDs, the light control is more precise achieving better contrast levels.

LG QNED MiniLED vs Full Array and Edge LEDLG QNED MiniLED vs Full Array and Edge LED

In addition, in this range of uses NanoCell and Quantum Dot technology to reproduce a wider color palette. Quantum Dot technology creates red and green colors from blue light. NanoCell technology, on the other hand, is a layer of particles added to the screen that absorbs excessive light waves and allows only the right colors to pass through.

LG QNED85 series, mounts an IPS panel that offers an excellent color palette and a wide viewing angle. It is a perfect TV to watch with family or friends, as it can be seen well from any point.

Therefore, one of the advantages of this model is its good color reproduction and viewing angle. However, despite using Mini LEDs and having 120 dimming zones, the black level is somewhat low, mainly because of its IPS panel. In bright conditions it is not so noticeable, but in the dark the blacks are not too deep, so it is a TV more suitable for viewing in brightly lit rooms.

If you want to enjoy pure blacks, don’t miss the following models we are going to see, which already use an OLED panel.

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LG 55-Inch Class QNED85 Series

120Hz Refresh Rate, AI-Powered 4K, Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos
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LG OLED C2 with Evo panelLG OLED C2 with Evo panel

The LG C2 OLED series receives this year the Evo panel that was first seen in the 2021 G1 series. This panel uses new elements in the panel that helps increase the brightness level.

The maximum peak brightness is now increased with respect to the C1 version of 2021 and also offers better brightness in a 100% window, offering greater impact on HDR content.

It incorporates the Alpha 9 5th geenration image processor that uses artificial intelligence and deep learning-based algorithms to result in a clean, crystal-clear image with great novel detail.

The foot is now in our opinion sleeker than the previous generation C1 and is also a bit slimmer, giving a premium look. The included remote still has the pointer function to help you move through menus and navigate more comfortably.

It comes well equipped in terms of gaming features by having four HDMI 2.1 ports for 4K gaming at 120 Hz, supports G-Sync and FreeSync, as well as you can play video games in the cloud through services like Stadia.

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LG 55-Inch Class OLED evo C2 Series

120Hz Refresh Rate, AI-Powered 4K, Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos
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Samsung 55S95B QD-OLED

Samsung QD-OLED S95B - Best 55-inch TVs of 2022Samsung QD-OLED S95B – The Best 55-inch TVs of 2023

We continue this list of the best 55-inch TVs of 2023 with the Samsung S95B. This model employs the new QD-OLED technology, which combines an enhanced OLED panel with Quantum Dot nanoparticles.

In this S95B, an RGB OLED panel with no white subpixel is used and no color filters are used, resulting in higher brightness as well as color volume compared to WOLED models. In this case, the light emitted by the organic LEDs is blue and the red and green color is created by adding quantum dots or Quantum Dots. This allows for a wider color palette and also the color saturation is maintained regardless of the brightness level.

Samsung S95B QD-OLED color volumeSamsung S95B QD-OLED color volume

In the WOLED TVs we have seen before, it is necessary to add color filters, since the light emitted by the organic LEDs is white and not blue as in QD-OLED TVs, which subtracts brightness and color. To recover this lost brightness, a white subpixel is added to enhance the light emission, but the colors lose intensity as the image becomes brighter.

The Samsung S95B also has the advantage of having a novel coating on the screen that reduces reflections and in turn increases the viewing angle.

As expected, the S95B series comes with the brand’s most powerful processor that employs 20 neural networks to improve scaling with low-quality sources, reduce noise and artifacts as well as add more depth to the image.

The design is on the panel side extremely thin, although then where the electronics and speakers are housed is wider.

The sound system is 2.2.2 channels with 60W which gives a more than acceptable sound quality. But if you want to improve it, you can add a Samsung sound bar that is compatible with the Q-Symphony function and make the TV and the bar sound at the same time creating a more immersive sound.

Samsung Sound Bars with Q-Symphony

SAMSUNG HW-Q600B 3.1.2ch Soundbar

Wireless Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, Q Symphony, Game Pro Mode
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SAMSUNG HW-Q800B 5.1.2ch Soundbar

Wireless Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, Q Symphony, SpaceFit Sound
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SAMSUNG HW-Q990B 11.1.4ch Soundbar

Wireless Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, Q Symphony, SpaceFit Sound
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If you want to use it for gaming, it is a very complete TV as it integrates four HDMI 2.1 ports, VRR with FreeSync Premium Pro, ALLM as well as the Game Bar 2.0 from which you can adjust various parameters depending on the type of game quickly.

Another novelty and that for the moment has Samsung exclusively, is to be able to play Xbox games in the cloud. Without having to have the console, you can connect a game controller and play from the TV if you have an active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate account. Apart from this, in the new Gaming Hub menu, you have other services to play in the cloud such as Stadia, Nvidia G-Force Now as well as the Twitch app.

Undoubtedly the Samsung 55S95B is a TV that we recommend if you are looking for the highest picture quality and also its price is quite tight, since it has a cashback promotion by Samsung.

View price Samsung S95B QD-OLED

SAMSUNG 55-Inch Class OLED 4K S95B Series

Quantum HDR, Dolby Atmos, Object Tracking Sound, Laser Slim Design
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What is the best 55-inch TV I can buy?

If you are looking for the TV with the best picture quality, we recommend buying the Samsung 55S95B QD-OLED that will provide you with a great viewing experience by offering incredible contrast and color. In addition its price is quite tight considering all that it offers and that we are talking about the latest technology introduced this year.

If your budget is not enough for this model, you have cheaper alternatives like the Sony X90K which cannot reach the contrast and color of the Samsung S95B, but it does offer excellent image processing with sharp images and great fast image handling.

And if you want a TV under €1000, but sacrificing as little as possible in picture, the Philips PUS8807 is also a great choice, especially if you are interested in the Ambilight feature.

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