Sony 2022 TVs: QD-OLED, Mini LED and the rest of the lineup

We already know how they will be the new models that will make up the new range of Sony 2022 televisions, in which important new features are introduced. For this 2022, Sony will propose a wide variety of televisions for all types of users and aimed especially at those who have the image quality as the main objective.

Before going into detail, one of the most anticipated news is undoubtedly the launch of a new TV with the brand new QD-OLED technology that combines an OLED panel with a Quantum Dots sheet. This panel improves the image quality of the WOLED panels available until now with superior brightness and color.

Another of the novelties that we expected last year but that finally did not happen, is the debut by the Japanese firm on the Mini LED technology. The difference, as we will discuss in more detail later, is that the bulbs are much smaller and the local dimming zones are increased to achieve much higher contrast.

New range of Sony Bravia XR 2022 televisions.

Next, you will find out what’s new in the new range of Sony 2022 TVs and the features of each model in detail.

Main features of the Sony BRAVIA XR 2022 TVs

For you to understand the differences between all models of Sony TVs 2022, we will make a summary by the most important features that incorporate the new televisions of the Japanese brand. The XR range consists of the Z9K, A95K, A90K, A80K, A80K, X95K and X90K models. The X85K and X80K models belong to the entry-level range as they do not have the XR image processor.

XR Backlight Master Drive

Sony XR Backlight Master DriveSony XR Backlight Master Drive (photo bottom)

Powered with the XR cognitive processor, the XR Backlight Master Drive uses a Sony-developed local dimming algorithm that controls an ultra-dense structure of thousands of tiny Mini LEDs with absolute precision and independence, delivering extraordinary brightness, impressive dynamic range, deep blacks and natural mid-tones.

The Backlight Master Drive system, features a unique design that groups the LED lights in a single point, which reduces light diffusion and the effect of flashing or also known as ‘Blooming’ that occurs in other Full Array LED and even Mini LED TVs. Sony indicates that with its Backlight Master Drive system, each LED emits a direct beam to provide a halo-free image when there is a dark background and then bright elements.

XR Cognitive Image Processor

We first saw it in the 2021 models and for this year Sony continues to add this image processor in its high-end models.

The XR image processor, instead of using artificial intelligence as most brands do, goes for cognitive processing, which the company says is designed to replicate the way we humans see and hear. When we look at objects, we unconsciously focus on specific points or focus on people’s faces.

In a simple way to understand, what the cognitive XR processor does, is to divide the screen into multiple zones and detect where the “focal point” is in the image.

This point is where we focus our attention and this point can be a person’s face or an object. This is also becoming more and more important as we use larger and larger televisions.

Sony's XR cognitive processor in 2022 televisions.Sony XR cognitive processor

With the new cognitive XR processor, the different elements of the picture are analyzed and more depth, more detail and more contrast are given to the main elements where the eye puts the focus.

While conventional AI can only detect and analyze image elements such as color, contrast and detail individually, the new cognitive XR processor can contrast several elements at once, just as the brain does.

In this way, all the elements are adjusted together to get the best end result and to make everything in the scene synchronized and realistic, something Sony says conventional AI cannot achieve.

It also works on the audio to analyze the sound position frame by frame and create an immersive 3D sound effect.

“Sony’s intention is to never stop innovating TV technology to always deliver the most immersive viewing experience possible. The new BRAVIA XR TVs convey reality better than ever before thanks to the processing power of the world’s first cognitive processor, which goes far beyond conventional AI.”

Masaomi Ando, head of Sony Europe’s TV division.

We have already had the opportunity to see in action some of the models that incorporate the cognitive XR processor and we can say that Sony has achieved that now the image has greater depth and realism. The sharpness is extreme and manages to bring out even the finest detail to achieve an impressive quality.

Sony XR TVs of 2022, comes with the second generation of this picture proccesor that includes some improvements.

Acoustic Surface + and Acoustic Multi-Audio

Sony Acoustic Surface Sound System on OLED A80JSony Acoustic Surface Sound System on OLED A80J from 2021

One of the hallmarks of Sony OLED TVs is their innovative Acoustic Surface sound system that emits sound from the screen itself. To achieve this, actuators are added behind the panel that vibrate the screen along with one or two subwoofers, depending on the model, so that sound is projected from the screen.

Thus, a much more direct and realistic sound is achieved and with a definition far superior to most of its rivals. The Sony 2022 A95K, A90K and A80K televisions incorporate this audio system that undoubtedly marks a difference with its rivals.

For their part, the Mini LED and Full Array models, feature the Acoustic Multi-Audio system, which consists of mounting positioning tweeters in the frames, so that the sound is also projected more towards the front.

Bravia Cam

Bravia Cam for Sony 2022 TVsBRAVIA CAM for Sony 2022 TVs

This year Sony also introduced a novel camera, BRAVIA CAM, which recognizes where viewers are sitting and optimizes picture and sound accordingly. It includes gesture control, video chat and many other options.

BRAVIA CAM is able to recognize when no one is in front of the TV for an extended period of time and dim the screen to save power.

In turn, it can detect where you are in the room and how far away the TV is to optimize picture and sound. This means that audio, including dialogue, is clearer and more immersive, as well as offering picture brightness tailored to your viewing environment.

New premium remote design

Sony 2022 premium backlit TV remote control
Sony premium remote

The new premium remote features a refreshed look and feel and more on-trend with fewer buttons and smaller size.. It gives an air to the controls of Samsung TVs and is that they have removed the numeric buttons for channel change and has left a specific one to change channels from the numeric keypad that appears on the screen.

It is made of aluminum and is easy to use and clean and in turn has easy access buttons and. backlit, so you can see everything clearly, even in the dark..

As a curious detail, if you lose it among the sofa cushions, thanks to the locator function, it will start emitting a sound. To do this, just say “Ok Google, find my remote”.

Google TV and Bravia Core

Google TV operating systemGoogle TV operating system

Last year we saw how the transition from Android TV to Google TV was made and this year as expected, new models continue to feature this operating system.

The interface is designed for a better experience in personalized recommendations and better menu organization.

There are three menus: Full functions, Apps only mode and Basic mode. In the first one all functions are activated including recommendations. In the second, personalized recommendations are suppressed. And in Basic Mode, which is intended for if you do not have Internet network or do not have a Google account.

And the same goes for Bravia Core that comes again included in the models with XR processor. In this platform are available the latest releases and stands out for offering content in a high quality of up to 80 Mbps and IMAX Enhanced certification.

Bravia Core streaming movie serviceBravia Core movie streaming service

8K Range

Having seen and explained the main features brought by the new models, it’s time to start reviewing the different Sony TV ranges for 2022 and the models that make them up.

We start with the Z9K which is the 8K TV for this year and debuts the Mini LED technology that we have already seen in TVs. Samsung Neo QLED, QNED from LG and also in Philips.

Today, we are still with virtually no content in 8K, but if you want to have a TV designed for the long term, the Sony Z9K is an excellent choice for this purpose.

Next, we see what features the Z9K Master Series model integrates.

Sony Z9K 8K Mini LED Master Series

Sony 8K Mini LED Z9K Master Series 2022Sony 8K Mini LED Z9K Master Series 2022

As in recent years, the flagship is the model with 8K resolution, in which the company shows all its technological arsenal.

The panel is backlit by Mini LEDs that have a much smaller size compared to conventional LED diodes. By implementing a much larger number of bulbs and multiplying the number of Local Dimming zones, this Z9K provides extremely high contrast, ideal for making the most of HDR content.

For viewing in brightly lit rooms, it incorporates the X-Anti Reflection filter that minimizes reflections from lamps, windows, etc., and makes viewing comfortable.

Sony X-Anti Reflection Anti-Reflection FilterX-Anti Reflection anti-reflective filter by Sony

On the sound side, the Z9K series comes with a powerful Acoustic Multi-Audio audio system, consisting of four tweeters in the frame and two front subwoofers. With this system, high-frequency sounds are intended to come from the right place in the scene and match the action and with powerful bass thanks to the subwoofers placed at the front.

Sony Z9K Master Series 8K Acoustic Multi-Audio SoundSony Z9K Master Series 8K Acoustic Multi-Audio Sound

The included remote as expected is the new backlit premium remote with a much more compact size.

4K OLED range

The content in 8K, is still testimonial, so getting a TV with this resolution may not be the best option for a few years, because its price is quite higher.

Therefore, although the Z9K we have seen is a piece of TV, in our opinion the most sensible thing to do is to get a 4K TV and if possible with OLED technology. For this 2022, the Japanese firm puts on sale four series: A95K that debuts the QD-OLED technology, the A90K available only in 42 and 48 inches, the A80K that is available in 77 inches and the A75K that is positioned as the most economical.

Let’s see below, what features each of these four series has and what differences they present between them.

Sony A95K

Sony OLED A95K Master Series 2022 with QD-OLED TechnologySony OLED A95K Master Series 2022 with QD-OLED Technology

This year sees the debut of the new QD-OLED technology that combines an OLED panel and Quantum Dots foil to achieve superior brightness and a wider color palette.

The A95K is the first model of the brand to be launched with this system and is the one that will grant the highest quality for those who demand the pure black that only OLED can achieve and the color and brightness of premium LED TVs.

In this new panel design, three layers of blue OLED are used instead of a red, green and blue OLED layer as in current WOLED panels. Then the blue light emitted goes to the Quantum Dots that are going to be in charge of transforming that blue light into red and green color. In essence, what is also being avoided is the use of color filters and these are replaced by a layer of Quantum Dots in different sizes to create the red and green color.

This A95K has a QD-OLED panel manufactured by Samsung Display just like the QS95B, but there are some differences between the two models. One of the main differences is that the A95K has a heat sink that the QS95B does not, which in principle will allow it to achieve a little more brightness and maintain it for longer as the panel will heat up less at very high brightness levels. It also makes its own adjustments as it does with the LG WOLED panels and this brings as a negative point in that the price is quite higher than the Samsung QS95B.

As expected, Sony has put here all its most cutting-edge technologies such as the cognitive XR processor and Acoustic Surface+. For gaming, it comes with two HDMI 2.1 ports, VRR and ALLM.

Sony A90K OLED Master Series

Sony A90K OLED Master Series in 42 and 48 inchesSony A90K OLED Master Series in 42 and 48 inches

This year Sony is bringing out a 42-inch OLED TV for the first time as is LG. The new A90K series is available in this new size as well as in 48 inches. This model is the latest model belonging to the Master Series range that encompasses the company’s most premium TVs.

This A90K does not replace the A90J that came out in 2021 and included a heat sink and upgraded panel, so at brightness and color volume, it falls somewhat short of this one.

With this model, Sony intends to face LG’s C2 series, which also goes on sale in the 42-inch size.

See Sony A90K price

Sony 48 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV A90K Series

BRAVIA XR OLED Smart Google TV with Dolby Vision HDR
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Sony A80K OLED

Sony A80K OLED 4K XR 2022Sony A80K OLED 4K XR 2022

We continue with the A80K series, a model with exquisite picture quality, but at a tighter price than the A95K QD-OLED.

It maintains much of the features of the A95K series, but does not have the QD-OLED panel so the brightness and color volume is going to be lower.

See Sony A80K price

Sony 65 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV A80K Series

BRAVIA XR OLED Smart Google TV with Dolby Vision HDR
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Sony 77 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV A80K Series

BRAVIA XR OLED Smart Google TV with Dolby Vision HDR
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Sony 55 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV A80K Series

BRAVIA XR OLED Smart Google TV with Dolby Vision HDR
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Sony A75K OLED

Sony A75K new OLED series 2022Sony A75K new OLED series 2022

Sony has always accustomed us to OLED ranges with a minimalist and elegant design with pedestals that are flush with the table. This is not the case with the A75K series, which integrates a stand similar to the one that comes with the 4K LED series.

Sony has sought to offer an OLED model at a more affordable price to fight with LG and its B series and the first cut as we see occurs in the design.

Another cut, occurs in the sound aspect, as it still has the Acoustic Surface system, but with fewer speakers. In this case, it integrates two drivers behind the screen and two full-range speakers, but no subwoofer.

The good news, is that it maintains virtually the same features of the A80K series such as XR processor, HDMI 2.1, VRR, OLED Contrast Pro, Triluminos Pro and OLED XR Motion.

Sony 2022 TVs 4K premium LED

We leave the OLED 4K range, to look at the new premium LED 4K X95K and X90K series. The former uses Mini LED backlighting and the latter uses FALD backlighting.

Sony X95K Mini LED

Sony X95K Mini LED 4K Bravia XR 2022 TV Sony X95K Mini LED 4K Bravia XR 2022TV Sony X95K Mini LED 4K TV Bravia XR 2022

Sony also launches a Mini LED model in 4K resolution and with the XR Backlight Master Drive system to achieve an impressive contrast. This is the X95K series and is positioned as a new rival to Samsung’s Neo QLED ranges with Mini LED technology as well.

Sony decided not to jump on the bandwagon last year, but it does with this X95K, which has an arsenal of features for those who do not yet want to make the leap to 8K and those who do not want an OLED TV.

Like the 2021 X95J model, X-Anti-Reflection and X-Wide Angle filters are included to reduce reflections and improve the viewing angle. These filters certainly come in handy and make a significant difference to the inferior X90K model which we will see below.

See Sony X95K price

Sony 85 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV X95K Series

BRAVIA XR Mini LED Smart Google TV with Dolby Vision HDR
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Sony X90K / X93K 4K LED

Sony X90K Full Array Bravia XR 2022Sony X90K Full Array Bravia XR 2022

We continue with the X90K series, which no longer offers backlight system with Mini LED bulbs, but is a Full Array TV. The bulbs are the conventional size and the same as the X90J model of 2021.

There are no major new features compared to the X90J model, keeping virtually the same features. Now the only thing this new X90K is no longer available in 50 inches and a new size is added in 85 inches. This again makes it clear that the brands are betting on large inch sizes and leave the high-end models for these diagonals.

This X90K series, is the last one in which you can enjoy the Acoustic Multi-Audio sound system with tweeters on the sides, which direct the sound to the front for a better sound experience.

See Sony X90K price

Sony 55 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV X90K Series

BRAVIA XR Full Array LED Smart Google TV with Dolby Vision HDR
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Sony 65 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV X90K Series

BRAVIA XR Full Array LED Smart Google TV with Dolby Vision HDR
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Sony 2022 TVs 4K LED premium comparison

TechnologyMini LED XR Backlight Master DriveLED Full Array
Image ProcessorXR CognitiveXR Cognitive
Contrast BoosterContrast Booster 15Contrast Booster 10
X-Wide AngleYesNo
X-Anti ReflectionSiNo
TriluminosYes, ProYes, Pro
HDR RemasterYesYes
HDR formatsDolby Vision, HLG and HDR 10Dolby Vision, HLG and HDR 10
Automatic HDR tone mappingYesYes
X-Motion ClarityYesYes
Refresh rate120 Hz120 Hz
HDMI 2.1Yes (48 Gbps)Yes (48 Gbps)
Acoustic Multi AudioYes (2 tweeters + 2 front speakers + Subwoofer – Bi Amp)Yes (2 tweeters + 2 full-range drivers).
Surround XRYesYes
Sound power60WTo be confirmed
Dolby AtmosYesYes
Remote controlPremium remote controlStandard control
Operating systemGoogle TVGoogle TV
Bravia CoreYesYes
Available inches65, 75 y 8555, 65, 75 y 85
LED 4K XR 2022 4K LED range comparison chart.

Rest of 4K LED range

After the Bravia XR range, Sony launches three 4K LED models with more basic features. They are the X85K, X80K and X72K models. The first two, come to replace last year’s models, the X85J and X80J, while the X72K, represents Sony’s return to the entry range, to compete with basic models from Samsung, LG or Philips, although it is not expected a price so low as to compete with models from Chinese brands such as Xiaomi, Hisense or TCL.

Here below, we tell you all the features of the cheapest Sony Bravia 2021 TVs.

Sony X85K LED 4K

Sony X85K 4K LED TV 2022Sony X85K 4K LED – New range of Sony TVs 2022

The X85K series no longer belongs to the Bravia XR range, as it does not have this processor, but instead the X1 image processor is mounted.

Another change with respect to the superior series the X90K, is that it does not use Full Array system with Local Dimming, but it is an Edge LED TV. The sound is also inferior, as it no longer has the Acoustic Multi-Audio system.

The refresh rate is 120 Hz native and it has a HDMI 2.1 port so it is a very interesting model for gamers who do not want to spend too much on a TV for PS5 or Xbox Series X.

See Sony X85K price

Sony 43 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV X85K Series

LED Smart Google TV with Dolby Vision HDR, 120Hz
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Sony X80K / X81K

TV Sony Bravia X80K / X81K new series 2022TV Sony Bravia X80K / X81K new series 2022

As a starting point in 4K, Sony launches the X80K / X81K, which has more basic features but at a more affordable price. The main differences with the X85K series we just saw, is that it no longer has a 120 Hz panel, but 60 Hz, nor does it have any HDMI 2.1 port.

The image processor is the same X1 as the X85K, so you’re guaranteed good scaling and good sharpness and detail. It supports both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos and the operating system like the other models is Google TV.

When it comes to placing it on a table, the stand allows you to position the legs more at the ends or more to the center in case we have little space in the furniture. This can be done in sizes 55″ and above.

Compared to its predecessor the 2021 X80J, it features a more modern design with thinner bezels integrated into the screen itself,

So, no major changes have been introduced with the X80J model, but it is a very interesting model for its value for money.

See Sony X80K price

Sony 65 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV X80K Series

LED Smart Google TV with Dolby Vision HDR
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Sony X72K / X73K

Sony X72K / X73K 4K input televisionSony X72K / X73K entry 4K television

Sony has surprised with the launch of this X72K / X73K series with which it returns to the entry-level range after two years without launching any 7 series model. In the last two years, the lowest model was the 8 series, which was positioned on a higher price rung and did not give the option to acquire a Sony TV for an affordable price.

Now this year, with the launch of this X72K / X73K series, Sony seeks to gain share also in the entry-level segment where Samsung and LG are the leaders along with the increasingly important Chinese brands such as Xiaomi, TCL and Hisense.

As we have seen in other models, there are two series, the X72K and X73K, but which are two identical models, but will be distributed to different stores.

To offer a more affordable price, Sony has made some cuts as we will see now. First of all, the image engine is the Bravia Engine, which is the one that was used a few years ago already, so it does not have the Object-based HDR Remaster, MotionFlow XR, etc. functions. With this image engine, it is expected that it will not offer the same scaling as the X1 processor found in the top models.

These X72K and X73K series support HDR, but do not support Dolby Vision, but only HDR 10 and HLG, nor does it support Dolby Atmos sound.

What it does have is the Triluminos system to improve the color palette, but in this case in the normal version and not the Pro as in the 8 series models.

The operating system that integrates, is not Google TV but Android TV, which offers excellent performance, but without the new interface based on personal recommendations and without the new customization features added in Google TV.

The X72K / X73K series is available in 43-inch and 50-inch sizes.

Therefore, we are facing a model with quite a few cuts compared to the 8 series, but that allows the brand loyalists, to acquire a more affordable TV.

Comparison table Sony 2022 4K TVs

Image ProcessorX1X1
Contrast BoosterNoNo
X-Wide AngleYesNo
X-Anti ReflectionSiNo
TriluminosYes, ProYes
HDR RemasterYesYes
HDR formatsDolby Vision, HLG and HDR 10Dolby Vision, HLG and HDR 10
X-Motion ClarityNoNo
Refresh rate120 Hz60 Hz
HDMI 2.1Yes (48 Gbps)No
Acoustic Multi AudioNoNo
Surround XRNoNo
Sound power20W20W
Dolby AtmosTo be confirmedTo be confirmed
Remote controlIntelligent remote controlIntelligent control
Operating systemGoogle TVGoogle TV
Bravia CoreNoNo
Inches available43, 50, 55, 65, 75 y 8543, 50, 55 y 65
PriceSee price on AmazonSee price on Amazon
Sony X85K vs. X80K comparison chart.

Sony 2022 TVs HD LED

The range of Sony 2022 TVs with HD resolution, continues formed by the 32W800 series that went on sale last year and that Sony is going to give it continuation.


Sony 32W800 TV 32 inches HDSony 32W800 TV 32 inches HD

As the brand’s only 32-inch model, the 32W800 stands out for using Android TV operating system, supporting HDR 10 and incorporating Bluetooth.

Buy Sony W800 TV

These are the models that make up the new Sony 2022 TVs range. If there are any further announcements, we will keep you posted as always.

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