Samsung QN900C Neo QLED 8K: The new flagship of the brand

Samsung continues to bet on 8K technology and launches its new flagship, the QN900C that comes packed with features and with a panel that delivers impressive brightness, very pure blacks and a wide color palette.

With up to 30.000 mini bulbs in 85″ and over 1,000 local dimming zones, the new QN900C series offers greater light control.

Next, we are going to explain to you the main features that has the. Samsung’s new Neo QLED 8K QN900C.

Samsung QN900C 8K

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Neo QLED 8K 2023, Mini LED TV


The QN900C series has the so-called Infiinity One Design in which the display bezels are virtually non-existent at only 0.8 mm. This is one of the differences with the lower models and that is that there are literally no bezels, giving a unique look.

New QN900C 8K bezel-free displayNew frameless display new QN900C 8K

The look it has makes it clear that we are facing a high-end and its thickness of only 15 mm takes all eyes. The stand to put it on the table, is of central type in black color and is made of metal. As we will comment now, it comes with the One Connect box to have all the cables well organized.

The QN900C is a TV that looks especially good when hung on the wall, as you can leave it attached to the wall with the official Slim Fit bracket of the brand. Likewise, when it comes with the Slim One Connect box you will avoid all the cables hanging down.

New-range-of-Neo-QLED-8K-TVs-from-Samsung-for-2023New QN900C Neo QLED 8K by 2023

The controller is very similar to last year’s, although it is now a bit smaller, but maintains the possibility of charging by USB-C or by home light as it integrates on the back a solar panel. In this way, it is not necessary to use batteries but already has an internal rechargeable battery.


One of the particularities of this model, is that it does not come with the connections integrated, but has a separate accessory called Slim One Connect. This is where all the connections such as HDMI, USB ports, etc. are housed and there is only one cable that links the TV to this Slim One Connect. The power supply is included in this accessory so the TV does not have any connection, only the one that allows to connect the screen with this box.

Slim One Connect Samsung QN900CSlim One Connect Samsung QN900C

The design of this accessory is now slimmer as well as its weight is lower, something that is appreciated. Similarly, you can still put both attached to the TV stand itself as separately. Two cables are included, a shorter one in case you want to leave it on the stand itself and a longer one in case you want to place it under the furniture or in another separate part.

Smart TV

As in the rest of the range, it comes with Tizen which is the operating system developed by Samsung itself. It comes with a lot of applications including the most popular ones such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Movistar+, Vodafone TV or Disney+, among many others.

Launched last year, it continues to count on the Gaming Hub menu which gives you access to thousands of games in the cloud for you to play without the need for a physical console. From this menu you can use Xbox, Utomik and NVIDIA Geforce Now services and play a wide catalog of video games.

Gaming Hub panel with Xbox to play games in the cloud.Gaming Hub panel with Xbox for cloud gaming.

It integrates the Multi View function, which in this case allows you to split the screen into up to four windows so you can view up to four contents at the same time. It allows you to configure the size and position of each window and output the audio independently.


At the sound level, the Samsung QN900C has a sound system of nothing more and nothing less than 6.2.4 channels and a power of 90W. It includes the OTS Pro system and in total includes two speakers on the sides, two center tweeters and four top speakers.

Also with the HW-Q930B sound bar that Samsung gives you, you can make the TV speakers sound at the same time in combination with the sound bar thanks to the Q-Symphony function. The resulting sound is spectacular getting much more immersive and more direct sound with more clarity.

Samsung Q-SymphonySamsung Q-Symphony

So therefore, the sound is not cut off from the TV speakers as is the norm, but is combined with the soundbar. This makes the audio much more immersive and is our experience is a much more surround effect, as the TV speakers help the sound to be perceived as coming straight out of the screen.

Picture Quality

Bigger TVs are being put in the home every day, so as the inch increases, so does the pixel size. 8K TVs become important in larger TVs by increasing the pixel density and making you see sharper contours. At a 75″ size the pixel density per inch on a 4K TV is 59, while on an 8K TV it increases to 117 and at 85 inches it is 52 on a 4K TV and 104 for an 8K.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the QN900C series uses Mini LED backlighting, with LED bulbs 40 times smaller. In turn, Samsung has removed the lens and the encapsulation in the LED diodes and has introduced a new micro-sheet that makes the light is directed precisely and does not suffer from leaks which will reduce blooming. The number of bulbs is multiplied compared to the Full Array and Edge LED models. Up to 30,000 bulbs are used in the 85QN900B, allowing for impressive levels of contrast.

The zoned light control, this year has been improved and in comparison with 2022 model, so this reduce the blooming effect and blacks are deeper. The light is now more controled and this is noticeable sepacially when its viewed in a dark room.

As expected being the top of the range, it incorporates the most powerful image processor of the brand which is the Neural 8K with neural networks. This processor analyzes the image pixel by pixel, at 8K quality regardless of the original resolution. This year, the number of neural networks is increased to 64, so we expect a better rescaling with better noise management and a better level of detail.

By including the Ultra Viewing Angle filter, you’re going to be able to view it from any position with little loss in quality. It also includes an anti-glare filter that allows you to view it properly in bright conditions.

To enhance the color palette, it uses LED’s that emit blue light and the red and green colors are created by a foil with Quantum Dots nanoparticles instead of using color filters. As a result, the variety of colors is expanded and saturation is better maintained in the highlights as opposed to conventional LED TVs, where colors become whiter as brightness increases.

Samsung QN900C Neo QLED Neo 8K 2023Samsung QN900C Neo QLED 8K Neo 2023

To all this, it has a 14-bit luminance scale, so there are more intermediate gray steps to improve detail in dark and very bright areas.

For gaming, it comes with four HDMI 2.1 ports, so you can game in 4K at 120 Hz and 8K at 60 Hz. It supports FreeSync Premium Pro and Gaming Bar 3.0 plus widescreen mode for PC gaming in 21:9 aspect ratio.

Ultimately, with the QN900C you can calibrate the TV in pro mode from a compatible smartphone, adjusting 20-point white balance, grayscale and color.

Samsung Neo QLED QN900C Features Table.

QN900C 8K
BacklightMini LED
Local Dimming ZonesMore than 1000 zones
BrightnessUp to 4000 nits peak / 3000 at 65″
Refresh rate120 Hz
Color depth10 bits
Grayscale14 bits of luminance
Image processorNeural 8K
HDMI 2.1Yes
VRRYes, FreeSync Pemium Pro
Anti-glare displayYes
Ultra Viewing AngleYes
Real Depth EnhancerYes
HDR formatsHDR 10+, HLG and HDR10
Sound6.2.4 90W
Dolby AtmosYes
Smart TVTizen
One ConnectYes
Inches available65, 75 y 85
Samsung QN900C Features Table

The QN900C series is the flagship of the brand for this 2023. It has the most advanced features with a panel that delivers an impressive level of brightness and wide color coverage for maximum enjoyment especially with HDR content. It also integrates a powerful sound system and a very careful design with almost no frames on the screen.

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