Samsung QN800C vs QN900C: Comparison of new 8K 2023 TVs

Samsung is continuing its clear commitment to 8K and has just launched its new Neo QLED 8K 2023 models, the QN700B, QN800B and QN900C. These three models offer enhanced capabilities, especially in the two models we will focus on in this comparison, the QN800B and QN900B.

These are the top of the range TVs and come with the most advanced technologies such as Mini LED backlighting with thousands of mini bulbs and thousands of light control zones for incredible contrast. Of course, they also use Quantum Dot technology, a system we have seen in the brand’s premium models for many years, which improves the colour palette.

Unfortunately, there is not much content available in 8K, but this has not stopped the Korean company from being the brand that presents more models with this resolution. And as we are about to see, the company is putting a lot of emphasis on its powerful image processor, which has been improved this year and is responsible for transforming the input signal in order to display it with the highest possible quality.

We will now look at the differences between the Samsung QN800C and QN900C.

Table of contents – Samsung QN800C vs QN900C Neo QLED 8K 2023


There is no doubt that Samsung has always produced very attractive models in its premium range, and in this case both the QN800C and QN900C have a very elegant look and quality finish. In fact, the look has not undergone much change from the 2022 models, and that is that the thin edges with metallic finishes and a central metal stand have been retained. The thickness of both TVs is actually reduced, as it does not reach two centimetres.

The main difference, however, is that the QN900C series has virtually no bezels, which means that the entire surface of the screen is almost entirely the panel itself.

The design of both models is very clean and makes a good impression with a sleek, premium look. As was the case last year, both models have a very slim profile of just 1.74 cm thick on the QN800C and 1.54 cm thick on the QN900C. QN900C.

The bezel that surrounds the screen still has the characteristic perforations, and another thing we like is that the back is completely flat. This means that you can leave it completely glued to the wall, especially if you’re using the brand’s official support, the Slim Fit.

Samsung QN900C 8K 2023 frameless designSamsung QN900C 8K 2023 Bezel Free Design

And, of course, both models come with the One Connect socket and single cable, which is a great solution, especially if you are going to hang it up, because only one cable will be visible, the one that goes from the TV to this socket. If you leave it on furniture, you can take the One Connect and leave it wherever you like, or you can leave it attached to the back of the screen.

The stand for placing it on the table is a central type and is made of metal, giving both models a high-quality look. Now the colours have changed and the stand on the QN800C is grey and the QN900C is black.

New Samsung QN900C 8K

The controller has been redesigned and is now even smaller because the battery has been modified to take up less space. It still supports solar charging and USB-C charging.

Smart TV

In both cases, the operating system is Tizen, which has now reached version 7 and offers hundreds of applications, including the most popular ones such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, DAZN and Disney Plus. Within this platform, you will find the Gaming Hub submenu, which groups cloud gaming applications like Xbox, NVIDIA Geforce Now, Utomik and Twitch.

New Samsung QN800C and QN900C with Gaming HubNew Samsung QN800C and QN900C with Gaming Hub

These TVs are compatible with game console and PC controllers so you can play the most popular games such as Forza Horizon, Halo Infinite, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and many more.


The QN900C and QN800C series are well equipped in terms of sound, with several speakers integrated along the screen.

In terms of sound quality, there are some differences in terms of power and number of speakers. The Samsung QN800C has a 4.2.2 sound system with 70W of power and the OTS Plus system.

The QN900C, on the other hand, has a 6.2.4 channel system and a power output of 90W. It includes the OTS Pro system and a total of two side speakers, two centre tweeters and four top speakers.

In addition, with the included HW-Q930B sound bar, you can use Q-Symphony with the sound bar to make the TV speakers sound at the same time. The resulting sound is spectacular, giving you much more immersion and a more direct sound with greater clarity.

Picture quality

But where these TVs undeniably excel is in picture quality. Samsung has used its best LED panels in this range, and both the QN800C and QN900C offer high picture quality.

This is achieved by using a mini LED backlight system that uses LED bulbs that are 40 times smaller than standard LED models. This multiplies the bulb density, and in both cases there are thousands of these tiny bulbs.

As if that were not enough, Samsung has removed the encapsulation from the LED diodes and introduced a new foil that allows the light to be directed precisely and does not suffer from leaks, which reduces blooming. But it’s not just a case of the more bulbs the better, it’s also important to have an effective algorithm that controls the light emission in the most correct way to deliver purer blacks and higher brightness without flickering or annoying transitions.

With the new Neo QLED 8K QN800C and QN900C, Samsung has increased the number of dimming zones and refined the algorithm. The 2022 models were already spectacular, but now Samsung has improved black levels and shadow detail, and reached higher brightness levels.

The image processor has a lot to do with all this, and is that the new 8K Neural Quantum Processor is now more powerful, as it goes from 20 neural networks to 64. Deep learning and artificial intelligence overcomes some of the limitations that existed before, and this translates into a more realistic image with more detail.

Let’s not kid ourselves, 8K terrestrial transmissions are still a long way off, although there have been some broadcasting 8K content, but just for testing.

Sporting events such as Moto GP training sessions and the Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona matches have also been recorded. And last summer, Amazon Prime Video launched its series The Lord of the Rings – The Rings of Power in 8K.

Another source of 8K content is YouTube, and to make it easier for users to find content on the platform, a new recommendations tab has been added with content in this resolution. Also new, you can now enjoy NFT works in 8K resolution. Finally, another way to enjoy content in 8K is if you have a mobile phone that can record in this quality.

But there is not much else for now, so good image processing to rescale content in 4K and lower resolutions is essential. And here Samsung boasts its Neural processor, which this year uses up to 64 neural networks to process the image more accurately.

Of course, if you want to get the most out of these TVs, you need to feed them good content. Watching content in SD or HD Ready resolution is not worth the money.

The processor will do an excellent job, but it will have to rescale to a resolution of 33 million pixels. It is clear that the more information the original source contains, the better it will do. With Full HD and 4K sources, both the QN800C and QN900C manage to display an exquisite level of detail.

To improve the side view, they come with the Ultra Viewing Angle filter, so you’ll be able to see them from any angle. They also have an anti-glare filter so you can see them clearly in bright conditions.

Samsung QN800C and QN900C 8K Anti-Glare FilterSamsung QN800C and QN900C 8K Anti-Glare Filter

For gaming, both the Samsung QN800C and QN900C have four HDMI 2.1 ports for 4K gaming at 120Hz and 8K gaming at 60Hz. They support FreeSync Premium Pro and Gaming Bar 2.0, as well as widescreen mode for 21:9 gaming.

Conclusions: Which is better to buy, QN800C or QN900C?

Both are exceptional TVs with outstanding contrast, but the QN900C has a few advantages. Firstly, it can deliver even higher levels of brightness, so it will perform better with HDR content and in brightly lit rooms.

It is also superior in terms of sound, offering a higher channel count with up to four top channels and 90W of power. Aesthetically, it has a frameless design that avoids distractions and gives it a much more premium look.

However, the Samsung QN800C’s performance is very similar in most respects, so it may offer better value for money, especially in the 75″ and 85″ sizes.

In the 65-inch size, we think it is more interesting to go for the Neo QLED 4K series, such as the QN95C, which integrates high features just like these 8K models, including the Neural processor, a powerful sound system, as well as the anti-glare filter, the Ultra Viewing Angle filter and the One Connect connection box.

Otherwise, the best alternative in our opinion is the new S95C with QD OLED technology, which this year introduces improvements to increase the brightness level to a figure close to 1500 nits and its power consumption has been reduced.

Also, if you are looking for a large inch size, this year it is finally available in the 77-inch size.

Samsung QN900C vs QN800C advantages summary

  • Impressive brightness up to 4000 nits (3000 nits at 65″).
  • Better black level
  • 6.1.4 channel sound system with 90W
  • Frameless design
  • Price is quite high

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