Samsung Q80B QLED FALD 2022: The best mid-range TV?

If you want a TV that offers you good picture and sound quality, but at a lower price than high-end models with OLED and Mini LED technology, don’t miss our review of the Samsung Q80B QLED 2022.

This is one of the most interesting models within the company by combining good picture quality, excellent gaming performance as well as good integrated sound. It is the most complete QLED model in terms of features, before entering the Neo QLED range with Mini LED backlight.

This is a model that is designed for those who want a TV that gives a good picture quality, but at a lower price than the OLED or Mini LED ranges.

In this review, we are going to tell you all about the Samsung Q80B QLED 4K 2022 and what advantages and disadvantages it offers and whether in our opinion it is worth buying.

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Samsung Q80B QLED 4K FALD

Samsung Q80B QLED review

  • Good contrast level
  • Color reproduction
  • Good reflection handling
  • Performance with video games
  • 4 HDMI 2.1 inputs
  • Gaming Hub for cloud gaming
  • Integrated sound
  • Limited angle of view
  • In 50 inches suffers from cutbacks relative to the top inches
  • For little more you have the QN85B Mini LED
Table of contents – Samsung Q80B QLED review


Exterior appearance and finishes, resistance…

The design is unchanged from last year’s model, featuring dark gray frames with a central stand in charcoal color and which is made of metal. This stand has a good build quality and its finish has the advantage of being more resistant to scratches.

Q80B QLED 2022 Q80B Series Stand DesignQ80B QLED 2022 series pedestal design

Overall, the construction has a good finish and is better finished than Samsung’s lower models. It does not feature as slim a design as the lower QLED Q70B and Q60B series, but it is still relatively slim compared to competing models such as the Sony X90K. This is due in part, to the use of Full Array backlighting instead of Edge LED. The surrounding bezels are quite thin and are integrated into the panel itself.

Samsung Q80B QLED DesignSamsung Q80B QLED Design

To keep the cables better organized and not so much in sight and hanging, there are a series of rails through which you can run the power, antenna or HDMI cables, although if they are too thick you may not be able to do so.

The design of the controller, too, is unchanged, except that it now includes a new shortcut to the Disney Plus app. It is made of recyclable materials and dispenses with batteries by incorporating an internal battery that recharges through a USB-C port or even through sunlight or artificial light. To achieve this, a solar cell panel has been added to the back of the device to charge the battery.



Inputs and outputs, wireless connections

The connections that this Q80B QLED series has, are four HDMI ports, two USB ports, optical audio output, LAN port and the antenna and satellite connections.

This year, all four ports are HDMI 2.1 compatible (except for the 50″ version), so you can connect a PS5, Xbox Series X or PC for gaming at a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Port 3 is also eARC compatible so you can output audio to a soundbar.

Samsung Q80B HDMI 2.1 ConnectionsHDMI 2.1 connections Samsung Q80B

It has Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to connect two devices at the same time, so you can connect two headphones simultaneously.


Smart TV

Operating system, apps and smart features

The operating system is Tizen 7.0 which has received a design change in the interface but is still a very complete system with the main apps available and a very good speed of use.

You will be able to download the most popular apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, DANZ, Movistar+, Vodafone TV, Disney Plus or HBO Max among others.

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On the remote you have shortcuts to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus and the Samsung TV Plus free channels platform. If you prefer to search for something by voice, you can do so by pressing the button to activate the microphone. The assistants supported are Google, Alexa and Bixby.

As for apps for cloud gaming, in the new Gaming Hub panel that you can access from the left bar of the main menu, you have the apps of Xbox, Stadia, NVIDIA GeForce Now or Twitch.

It includes other interesting features such as Ambient Mode, so you can display interactive backgrounds when you turn off the TV or the Multiview function, to split the screen into two windows to view two different contents at the same time.



Integrated audio system

The QLED Q60B and Q70B series have pretty mediocre sound, but this Q80B dramatically improves the sound of these. The sound configuration is 2.2.2 channels that can deliver up to 60W of power. This is in the case of the 55, 65 and 75 inch models, however in the 50″ size, the configuration is 2.2 channels and 40W of power.

It provides a rich bass sound by integrating two woofer, which makes the sound not as flat as it happens in most TVs. It also provides high power so it can be heard well in rooms of a certain size. There is also an option that adapts the sound to the size of the room so that it adjusts more precisely to the specific space where it will be listened to.

It also incorporates the Object Tracking Sound function, which uses artificial intelligence to try to follow the movement of objects, so that the sound is more immersive. This year, it also includes the Voice Tracking function that uses artificial intelligence to follow the movement of voices and is emitted from where the characters speak.

While it is true that the sound is appreciated more direct, it is not achieved an audio that comes directly from the screen, but in general, for normal use and if it is not an excessively large room, we believe that the sound more than complies.

Now, if you are a movie buff or you like to consume music content, we recommend adding a soundbar, to have a more enveloping and more defined sound and clearer dialogues. Thanks to the Q-Symphony 2.0 function, you can connect a compatible Samsung soundbar and have the sound of the TV and the soundbar combine to give an enhanced sound.

Samsung Q-SymphonySamsung Q-Symphony

This year, all the speakers of the TV are used, so that 2.2.2 system is combined with that of the bar. The truth is that you can appreciate a significant improvement and the audio is more direct and gets you totally into the scene especially if you add a soundbar like the HW-Q600B or higher.

Recommended soundbars with Q-Symphony 2.0

SAMSUNG HW-S50B 3.0ch All-in-One Soundbar

Dolby 5.1, DTS Virtual:X, Q Symphony, Built in Center Speaker
amazon logo

SAMSUNG HW-Q600B 3.1.2ch Soundbar

Dolby Audio, DTS:X, Q Symphony, Adaptive Sound, Game Pro Mode
amazon logo

SAMSUNG HW-Q800B 5.1.2ch Soundbar

Wireless Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, Q Symphony, SpaceFit Sound
amazon logo

SAMSUNG HW-Q990B 11.1.4ch Soundbar

Wireless Dolby Atmos / DTS:X, Rear Speakers, Q Symphony, SpaceFit Sound+
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Picture Quality

Sharpness, color, contrast…

Let’s now go into assessing the picture quality of this 2022 QLED Q80B series. This model uses Full Array backlighting with zoned dimming to adjust the light more precisely. The lower-end Q70B and Q60B models use Edge LED backlighting, in which LED bulbs are only placed at the bottom, but in this case, the Q80B has bulbs spread across the entire screen, which benefits screen uniformity and better contrast.

The black level is good thanks to this better light control and its VA panel. In some countries, it seems that it mounts ADS panel, but in the case of Spain, the panel is VA in all inches.

The Samsung Q80B, has local dimming (Local Dimming), to be able to adjust the lighting by zones instead of general way. The number of dimming zones is 48 independent blocks, within which the algorithm that controls the backlight will be able to adjust the light of the LEDs without affecting the other zones.

Samsung Q80B QLED Full Array 2022 Image QualityPicture Quality Samsung Q80B QLED Full Array 2022

This is a low number for optimal results when viewing in dark and complicated scenes with black backgrounds and bright objects. Some blooming is noticeable especially in HDR content around bright objects with dark backgrounds. This was somewhat to be expected, but fortunately occurs in occasional scenes. The algorithm that controls backlighting does a pretty good job and responds nimbly avoiding annoying transitions when there are sudden changes in brightness in scenes.

In Samsung’s top Mini LED models, the number of zones increases from 500 and up and the number of bulbs multiplies. If you watch TV in total darkness and watch movies, we recommend you to take a look at the Samsung QD-OLED S95B, which is now one of the reference TVs.

The maximum peak brightness can reach up to 1500 nits in HDR and at a 2% window, although in the 50″ version the maximum brightness stays at 1000 nits. This is therefore a TV that delivers a good level of brightness and this makes it a very good choice for viewing in brightly lit environments. The panel has a matte finish, which makes the reflections of windows and lamps are blurred and less marked.

As with all of the company’s QLED TVs, color is exceptional thanks to Quantum Dot technology. The Q80B uses blue LED bulbs without the usual yellow phosphor coating, so the blue color is already created without the need for filters. Then, a foil is added in which millions of Quantum Dot particles in different sizes are added, which are responsible for changing the wavelength and creating the red and green colors.

This technology makes it possible to achieve enhanced color volume, causing the color to be maintained at all brightness levels, preventing colors from becoming increasingly whitish as the brightness of the scene increases.

However, when viewed from an angle greater than 35° a loss of color saturation begins to occur and images look more washed out. In the versions of other countries with ADS panel this aspect is improved, but on the other hand the black level worsens.

The native refresh rate is 120 Hz in sizes 55 inches and up, while the 50-inch version the panel is 60 Hz native.

This year, all HDMI ports are 2.1 unlike the 2021 model, which had only one compatible one. So you can connect your brand new PS5 or Xbox Series X to any of the ports and play games in 4K resolution at up to 120 Hz refresh rate.

Apart from this, the Samsung Q80B incorporates other gaming-focused technologies such as support for FreeSync Premium Pro, ALLM as well as the new Game Bar 2.0.

And another new feature to note is that this Q80B series has the new Gaming Hub, where you are going to find apps to play in the cloud. Now if you have a subscription to Xbox Game Pass, you can play Xbox games from the TV without having to have the game console. You can connect a wireless game controller and play Xbox games, as well as games from other platforms such as Stadia or NVIDIA GeForce Now.


Samsung Q80B QLED 2022 opinion

Conclusions and veredict

Samsung Q80B QLED 2022 reviewSamsung Q80B QLED 2022 review

The Q80B series stands as the most complete QLED model before entering the Neo QLED range. It is a good choice if you do not want to invest more money to buy a Mini LED or OLED TV, but maintaining a good picture quality and a variety of extras.

As main advantages, it has a high contrast, an integrated sound system better than what can be found in the rest of alternatives in this range of range. It performs well in dark environments reproducing a good level of blacks, although halos can be seen in certain scenes when there are dark backgrounds and bright objects or subtitles. It is in these situations where it is worth moving up to a Mini LED range like the QN95B or the QD-OLED S95B.

But if that’s not your case and you don’t watch in the dark or watch in moderate light, the Q80B manages to perform well. Its brightness is high and the panel reflects little in addition to reproducing a good color palette.

For use as a gaming TV, the Samsung Q80B, comes well equipped with four HDMI 2.1 ports, FreeSync and ALLM plus the new Gaming Hub for cloud gaming.

All in all, the Samsung Q80B is in our opinion a very interesting TV that performs well in most situations, being an all-rounder. While it is true that if you can stretch your budget a little, for not much more, you have the QN85B Mini LED which features a panel with better viewing angle, higher brightness and improved image processing.

You can now buy it with a rebate of between €200 and €500 depending on the inch, so it may be more interesting at the moment.

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Samsung 65-Inch Class QLED Q80B Series

Direct Full Array, HDR 1500, Dolby Atmos
amazon logo

Samsung 55-Inch Class QLED Q80B Series

Direct Full Array, HDR 1500, Dolby Atmos
amazon logo

Samsung 75-Inch Class QLED Q80B Series

Direct Full Array, HDR 1500, Dolby Atmos
amazon logo

Samsung 50-Inch Class QLED Q80B Series

Direct Full Array, HDR 1000, Dolby Atmos
amazon logo

Better alternatives to the Q80B

Sony 55 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV X90K Series

BRAVIA XR Full Array LED Smart Google TV with Dolby Vision
amazon logo

SAMSUNG 65-Inch Class Neo QLED 4K QN85B Series

Mini LED Quantum HDR 24x, Dolby Atmos, Object Tracking Sound
amazon logo

SAMSUNG 55-Inch Class Neo QLED 4K QN85B Series

Mini LED Quantum HDR 24x, Dolby Atmos, Object Tracking Sound
amazon logo

Sony 65 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV X90K Series

BRAVIA XR Full Array LED Smart Google TV with Dolby Vision
amazon logo

8.4 Total Score
Samsung Q80B QLED 4K review

Samsung's new QLED 2022 Q80B series is one of the best mid-range TVs you can buy right now. You are going to get a good picture quality with a high contrast ratio, excellent gaming performance and a powerful integrated sound system with good definition and bass. There are points for improvement such as a somewhat narrow viewing angle that makes those who see it very sideways see the image a little more washed out and that in the size of 50 "as we have seen, some features are cut compared to models of higher inch.

  • Good contrast level
  • Color reproduction
  • Good reflection handling
  • Performance with video games
  • 4 HDMI 2.1 inputs
  • Gaming Hub for cloud gaming
  • Integrated sound
  • Limited angle of view
  • In 50 inches suffers from cutbacks relative to the top inches
  • For little more you have the QN85B Mini LED

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