LG OLED G2 vs C2: What are their differences?

OLED TVs are having a significant growth in sales due to its lower price and has expanded the variety of inches. In addition in this last year, Samsung has joined with its new QD-OLED S95B TV. But this time we want to talk about the LG OLED G2 and C2 TVs that are excellent options if you want a great image quality and a spectacular design as we will see now.

The LG OLED G2 series is the top of the range model in 4K for this 2022 and stands out for having the new Evo panel in addition to including a heat sink that allows you to further increase the brightness. The C2 series does not have this heatsink, but also incorporates the Evo panel.

Below, we will explain all the differences between the LG OLED G2 and OLED C2 to make it easier for you to choose between the two.


The first major difference in design between the G2 and C2 series, is that the former is intended for wall hanging, as it does not include a table stand. Instead, it comes with a specific bracket that allows the screen to be completely attached to the wall.

Wall mount included with the LG OLED G26Wall mount bracket included with LG OLED G26

If you want to put the LG OLED G2 on a piece of furniture, you can buy the official LG stand for this model or you can buy a generic stand.

The C2 series comes with the table stand included but if you want to mount it on the wall, you need to buy a separate stand.

New-OLED-C2-series-OLED-C2-from-LGLG OLED C2 with center stand

The design of both models is very neat and the thickness has been reduced as well as the bezels in the C2 series with respect to the 2021 C1 model. The bezels around the screen are only 0.7 cm and the thickness is slightly thinner at 4.4 cm at the thickest part.

The remote control is unchanged in design and is the same for the G2 as for the C2.


In terms of connectivity, there are no differences and both models have the same inputs and outputs. All four ports are HDMI 2.1 so you can connect a PS5, an Xbox Series X or a PC and you can play in 4K up to a frequency of 120 Hz. One of the HDMI ports is eARC so you can connect a soundbar.

Then they have three USB ports, an optical audio output, the LAN port and the antenna and satellite connections. The wireless connection is via Wi-Fi 6 and you can connect headphones or speakers via Bluetooth.

Smart TV

The operating system remains as in recent years WebOS which is the operating system designed by LG for their TVs. This year it is called WebOS22 and maintains last year’s interface but with some added functionality such as the option to create user profiles.

Operation is fast and everything loads smoothly with no long waits. The interface is easy to use and includes the most popular apps such as Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Disney Plus or Netflix.

On the remote control you have some direct buttons to these apps and it has a pointer function. Also in this Magic Control, a microphone is included so you can use the Google and Alexa voice assistants.


The sound quality on these two TVs is more than acceptable and they achieve good definition in dialogues and high volume. There are different sound modes for you to choose the one you like best, as well as support for Dolby Atmos for a more immersive sound.

However, our recommendation is that you disable Dolby Atmos, since lacking overhead speakers, you’re not going to get any improvement and in fact the audio gets worse.

We recommend that you choose acoustic tuning which uses artificial intelligence and picks up sound with the Magic control’s microphone to adjust the sound to the dimensions of your living room.

Then, the sound settings we recommend you to choose are as follows:

  • Advanced settings
    Dolby Atmos: Off
    Balance: 0
    Equalizer: On
    Type of installation: (depends if you have it on table or on wall).
    Automatic volume adjustment: Off
    DTV audio configuration: Automatic
  • AI Services
    AI Pro Sound:
    Acoustic Tuning: Previously performed as above / Bass boost.

If you want a more immersive sound that gives you a more immersive experience when watching movies the best thing to do is to add a soundbar. It can be of the same brand or another, as there is no incompatibility.

Picture quality

We now go into detail in the most important area, which of course is the image quality. Both models will give us an excellent image, but there are a number of details that differentiate them.

First of all, we should comment that both the G2 and C2 series incorporate the improved Evo panel, which was launched last year and was only included in the 2021 G1 series. This year, it is also implemented in the C2 series, so you can enjoy this panel, from a somewhat more affordable price.

The Evo panel, is a new generation of OLED panels, which improve brightness level, color accuracy and durability. More and new OLED layers are implemented to improve the accuracy of primary color wavelengths.

What LG has done in the first place, is to move from a blue OLED material based on hydrogen to a blue OLED material based on deuterium. The higher atomic mass of deuterium makes the blue OLED material less prone to degradation and increases its lifetime. Among all the color-emitting layers present in an OLED panel, the blue light-emitting material degrades the fastest due to the inherent nature of blue light, which has a high frequency. To counteract this, OLED panels already use two layers of blue light instead of just one.

New OLED Evo panelNew LG OLED panel structure Evo G2 and C2

Thanks to the increased lifetime of the blue deuterium-based OLED material, LG can pass higher voltage of electricity through it and increase brightness without worrying too much about degradation.

The second change introduced in the Evo panels from the conventional A2 or B2 series panels is the inclusion of an additional green emissive layer. The layer structure of the panels carrying the A2 and B2 series include two blue, one red and one yellow/green light emitting layers. The new green layer which is integrated in the C2 y G2 not only increases the brightness of the panel, but also improves the color gamut.

LG OLED C2 with Evo panelLG OLED C2 with Evo panel

Now the blue and red wavelengths have been improved and the color is more faithful and pure. The brightness level is 20% to 30% higher compared to 2020 OLED models and power consumption is also somewhat lower.

The main difference between the OLED G2 and C2 series is that the former includes a heat sink so that the panel has better cooling and heats up less, allowing the intensity of the transistor to be increased to deliver more light.

LG OLED G2 Gallery Edition with Evo panel and heat sink.LG OLED G2 Gallery Edition with Evo panel and heatsink

The G2’s peak brightness is 10% higher than the C2 series can reach and in a 2% window can reach up to 1000 nits. This figure is spectacular and helps to enjoy more stunning images in HDR. This brightness level of 1000 nits is achieved only in very small parts of the screen and for a limited time, but the brightness compared to OLED models is quite noticeable.

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If it is true, that the G2 does not reach the brightness and color volume of the new QD-OLED panels which do not use color filters and do not use white subpixel like Samsung’s S95B and Sony’s A95K series. The latter can reproduce colors with better saturation in bright images and are able to maintain brightness longer over larger portions of the screen.

For gaming use as mentioned above, all four ports are HDMI 2.1 and support both AMD FreeSync Premium and G-Sync for gaming with a variable refresh rate to match the frequency of the panel to the console and avoid screen tearing effect.

They also support Dolby Vision HDR in 4K at 120 Hz, so you are assured of the best performance going forward, as there are hardly any games that support this at the moment.

Final opinion LG G2 vs C2 Which one is better to buy?

LG G26 Gallery Edition TV - Comparison LG OLED G2 vs C2TV LG G26 Gallery Edition – Comparison LG OLED G2 vs C2

We are looking at two TVs that deliver excellent picture quality and there are no huge differences between them. It is true that the G2 can deliver a little more brightness thanks to the heat sink that incorporates as well as more sound power, but they are not huge differences.

The point that is perhaps most decisive in choosing the G2 series is if you want to hang it on the wall. The advantage is that it comes with a wall bracket that allows you to leave it attached and also move it easily if you need to connect a device or turn it slightly. It also looks better aesthetically as its thickness is lower and it is flat without the ‘gut’ that has the C2, which allows you to leave it completely stuck.

If you are interested in an inch under 55″, you have no choice but to get the C2, as it is the one available in 42″ and 48″ sizes.

The price difference is not very big between both models, so if you are looking for the best quality and especially if you want to hang it to the wall, the most recommended is the OLED G2. But if you want to put it on a table and your budget is not enough for this, do not worry because the C2 is also a great choice.

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