How to clean a TV screen: Useful Tips

In this tutorial, we will explain the best way to clean a television screen. A TV is an expensive electronic device, so it is necessary to take care of it to avoid damage. There are several display technologies such as OLED, LED or LCD and the old plasma and CRT.

Below we will show you a series of recommendations and tricks on how to clean a TV screen and what to use to clean it.

If you want to keep your TV clean and as good as new, read on.

How to clean your TV screen

Always clean the screen when the display is turned off and unplugged. If it was on, allow it to cool for at least 15 minutes. If possible, place the television in a bright location so you can see the dirt more clearly.

First, use a feather duster to remove any dust that may be on the screen. This will remove the dust particles that, if not removed, can scratch the TV when you wipe it.

The second thing is to have the right accessories for cleaning. The most advisable is to use a microfiber cloth so as not to leave any lint.

Microfiber cloth for TV cleaningMicrofiber cloth for cleaning TV screen.

Recommended microfiber cleaning cloths

We do not recommend that you use kitchen or toilet paper, as it tends to leave residue that can scratch the TV screen. It is also necessary to use a suitable liquid to clean it. These products can also be used to clean camera lenses, cell phone or computer screens.

Never use glass cleaner or other abrasive liquids containing alcohol, ammonia, acetone, etc. Today’s OLED, LED, LCD and earlier plasma screens are very delicate, so these abrasive liquids cannot be used as they may cause irreparable damage to the screen.

Many of today’s televisions have anti-reflective filters that can lose their effectiveness if cleaned with the wrong products.

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The old CRT screens, being made of glass, could be cleaned with glass cleaner, so many people think that there is no problem doing the same with today’s devices. This is not the case. The correct way to apply the liquid is on a microfiber cloth, never by spraying it directly on the screen, as it may fall down and enter the inside of the equipment through the slots, causing damage to the circuits. For a better application, it is advisable that the liquid comes in a spray bottle to control the quantity.

Cleaning spray for OLED, LED, LCD and TFT screens.Cleaning Spray for OLED, LED, LCD and TFT Screens

Once this is done, gently wipe the screen with the microfiber cloth in a circular motion. These screens are very sensitive to shock and pressure, so do not press too hard. If there are fingerprints on the screen that are difficult to remove, do not press hard; instead, make several passes and apply a little more liquid if necessary.

Use another dry microfiber cloth to wipe the screen and let it dry to remove any remaining product.

If there was a lot of dirt on the screen, wash the cloths you used to keep them clean for the next time. Clean the screen from time to time to prevent dirt from building up and making it harder to remove.

What to clean the TV screen with?

How to clean the TV screen - What products to use.How to clean the TV screen – What products to use

What kind of cleaning liquids can I use to clean the screen of my TV?

As we said, avoid abrasive liquids such as glass cleaners or liquids containing acetone, benzene, ammonia, etc., as they may cause discoloration or damage the filters that cover the screen.

And, as mentioned above, it is recommended that you use a microfiber cloth, which is the best material for cleaning your screen because it is soft and leaves no residue.

Here we recommend some TV cleaning kits that include the liquid and some also the microfiber cloth to clean without scratching the screen.

TV screen cleaning products

Screen Cleaner Spray Kit, 4 Pack

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Screen Cleaner Spray

TV Screen Cleaner, Microfiber Cloth Wipes
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Here are some cleaning kits that we recommend to help you clean your TV screen safely. We recommend the following kits.

Summary of the steps to properly clean a TV screen.

Time needed: 5 minutes

Here is a summary of the steps you need to follow to properly clean your TV screen:

  1. Be sure to turn off your TV at least 15 minutes before cleaning it.

    Since a lot of heat is generated, this is highly recommended.

  2. Next, use a feather duster to remove the dust.

    Do this the first time to avoid leaving any particles behind that could scratch your TV screen.

  3. Take a microfiber cloth and apply the cleaning product to the cloth, never directly to the screen.

    Do not do this on the screen as it may drip into the television and cause damage.

  4. Wipe gently, without pressure, using circular motions.

    Do not press too hard to avoid breaking the panel.

  5. Make several passes, but do not increase the pressure, for more difficult to remove fingerprints and stains.

    Apply a little more cleaning liquid if necessary.

  6. Finally, use another dry cloth to dry the surface and remove any residue that may be left by the cleaning product.

    For best results, wipe with a clean cloth and dry with a soft cloth.

We hope these tips have been helpful, follow the recommendations that we indicate and you can have your TV clean and without causing damage to the screen. However, always check your TV manufacturer’s manual. to see if it has any specific recommended cleaning procedures.

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