Tronsmart Bang SE portable party speaker review

The TronSmart Bang SE is the newest member of the TronSmart portable party speaker series. This version is smaller than the Bang Mini version, but still delivers a high power output of 40W. It incorporates the Sound Pulse feature that increases the depth of low frequencies and offers up to 24 hours of runtime at moderate volume.

In the same way, it is an ideal speaker to take it wherever you want to that has IPX6 water resistance and has a handle and a carrying strap.

Now we are going to give you our opinion about this Tronsmart Bang SE and what features it offers and if it is worth buying it.

Tronsmart Bang SE review
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Tronsmart Bang SE

Tronsmart Bang SE review

  • Surprisingly powerful for its size
  • Strong bass at moderate volumesositive Item 2
  • Ability to add another speaker at the same time
  • Good battery life
  • Broad connectivity
  • Very directional sound
  • No equalization with app
  • Somewhat heavy for its size


The Tronsmart Bang SE is similar to other Bang models, with a cylindrical shape and featuring more compact dimensions than the Bang Mini version. The most important innovation of this model is the two plastic hooks on the handle for attaching the supplied strap. This allows you to comfortably carry the speaker on your shoulder wherever you want.

The body is made of black hard plastic, and the front, has a perforated metal grille through which you can see the speaker and the brand logo is printed on this grille. This grille reveals the speakers and lighting effects. It has a relatively high weight for its size if we compare it with another speaker like the Soundcore Motion Boom Plus which is larger and weighs less. It has IPX6 certification which gives it water resistance to powerful jets, but it will not hold up if submerged. Thus, you can use it near the pool or in the shower for example.

At the top is where all the controls are located and among them stands out on one side the SoundPulse function and on the other side the button to enable or disable the RGB lighting. On the sides we find the passive radiators that will help to enhance the bass.

Tronsmart Bang SE ControlsTronsmart Bang SE Controls

Finally, the rear area consists of a completely sealed, smooth-finished housing, with the connection panel protected by a large insulating rubber cover. The base is equipped with two round, non-slip rubber feet.

The RGB lighting creates a party atmosphere and there are three different modes to choose from that you can switch between via the control on the top. First of all, you have a “Circling” mode that changes color, another one called “Breathing” which also changes the intensity of the light and finally a “Flickering” mode where the light flashes on and off. And then of course, you can completely disable the light effect.


In terms of connections, the Tronsmmart Bang SE has a USB Type-A port that serves to give charge to other devices and also to play music by connecting an external memory. In turn, it has an auxiliary input, a Micro SD / TF card slot and finally a USB-C port to charge the battery of the speaker itself.

Bang SE speaker connectionsBang SE speaker connections

To listen to music from a cell phone, tablet or PC you can do it via cable using the auxiliary connection or via Bluetooth. In this case, the version is 5.3 so we will have a good range of connection and with good stability and compatibility with A2DP, AVRCP, HFP and HSP profiles. You can have two phones connected at the same time so you can change playlists.

When you link the speaker to a PC, a phone or even a TV via Bluetooth, the latency is low so you can use it not only for music but also for watching movies or series. Still, there is always as usual in all speakers of this type, there is a small delay connecting it via Bluetooth so if you are very picky, you are going to notice it.


Now it is the turn to talk to you about the autonomy of this Bang SE. It integrates a 4000 mAh battery capacity that according to the brand can reach 24 hours if used at a volume around 50% and used without the RGB lights. Logically, the autonomy duration depends mainly on the volume at which the music is listened to and the lighting. At maximum volume and with the lights off the autonomy drops to about 5 hours.

Battery life was tested non-stop for five hours with the volume turned up to about 30% and with SoundPulse and RGB lights on, the 8000 mAh battery consumed about 25% of its capacity. Recalculating this, the battery can be used for about 20 hours, which is enough capacity for working or relaxing in a room. Of course, the higher the volume, the more the power consumption increases, but it seems to work as promised.

It takes about 5 hours to fully charge the battery, so it does not have fast charging. To avoid wasting battery, the speaker itself automatically shuts off if not in use after 30 minutes.

You can use the speaker while charging, but it is not recommended as it reduces the battery life. Another thing to remember is that the Bang SE can also be used as a power bank to charge mobile devices thanks to the USB-A port on the back.


And then it’s time to analyze the sound quality provided by this Tronsmart Bang SE party speaker. This is a loudspeaker that delivers a total output of 40 W distributed over two full-range front speakers from 65 Hz to 20 000 Hz.

Tronsmart Bang SE with two full-range drivers and two passive radiators.Tronsmart Bang SE with two full-range drivers and two passive radios.

As we have already mentioned, the Bang SE is the cheapest model in the Bang family, at least for now, and although you might think that Tronsmart has reduced the sound quality, the reality is that this has not occurred. The speaker produces really good sound and in our opinion, much better than the BangMini, which costs 20-30 euros more.

First of all, it should be noted that in this case the speaker has only two full-range dynamic transducers. Instead of a more complex configuration with tweeter and woofer, as in the other two Bang models. Nevertheless, these transducers produce a very pleasant, powerful and high quality sound.

Tronsmart Bang SE passive Bluetooth speaker passive radiators.Tronsmart Bang SE Passive Bluetooth Speaker Radiators

Bass has punch and punch, but without too much travel or detail, and is controlled so as not to overwhelm the other frequencies. In our opinion, bass sounds better than the Bang Mini version. The sound experience of this device is superior to the Bang Mini in terms of frequency quality and clarity. Even at very high volumes, the quality is excellent when it comes to voice and music, and there is no distortion if there is not a lot of frequency mixing.

As usual with Tronsmart speakers, we found the bass to be very powerful, but the mids and highs less noticeable, as they are reproduced by only two speakers. Very high performance can be obtained at 50% or 60%, sufficient for use in large rooms or outdoors.

The mids sound good, which is typical for speakers in this class. There is enough clarity and punch for vocals to stand out in a song. Lead instruments also sound good. The highs are bright and have good detail, but could be tweaked a bit more.

Tronsmart Bang SE with 40W of power.Tronsmart Bang SE with 40W of power

Like some of the manufacturer’s speakers, it incorporates SoundPulse technology, which boosts bass for crisper reproduction. This profile can be activated directly from the front panel knob and when activated a white LED lights up to let you know. When you activate it, you’ll notice that the bass and treble are highlighted, but the mids are not hidden. It sounds fine normally, but the SoundPulse system is better for most songs, so we recommend you always have it on.

Unfortunately, there is no mobile app control of sound levels or equalization, a limitation also present on the Bang Mini models. The larger Bang version, if you have an app to make adjustments to the sound.

If you want more immersive and powerful audio, two Bang SE speakers can be connected in True Stereo (TWS) mode.

Overall, the sound experience with the Tron Smart Bang SE is very good, even more so considering its price and power. Of course, it doesn’t sound hi-fi, nor does it have the best instrument separation. Nevertheless, the sound is really good.

The weakest point we found, is that the sound is very directional, so the perceived balance varies a lot depending on the direction. The best sound is obtained by sitting directly in front of it. Stereo separation is also minimized because the dual speakers fire the sound directly from the front. If you tilt the speaker slightly outward, you will notice an improvement.

Tronsmart Bang SE vs Bang Mini and Bang versions comparison.

The Bang SE is slightly smaller than the Bang Mini (30 x 15 x 15 x 11.5 cm vs. 30 x 16.5 x 12 cm), but the difference is not that big. They are also similar in weight, with the Bang SE weighing 2.1 kg and the Bang Mini weighing 2.4 kg. The Bang Mini on the other hand, boasts a more luxurious build quality and a better appearance. It also has more power (50 W vs. 40 W), but this is less noticeable.

Tronsmart Bang Mini party speakerTronsmart Bang Mini Party Speaker

What is noticeable is the longer battery life and better sound quality of the Bang SE. Add to this the fact that the Bang Mini usually costs about 20 euros more than the Bang SE, and in our opinion the BangSE is an excellent all-around choice.

The Bang SE version is much smaller than the traditional Bang (30 x 15 x 11.5 cm vs. 36 x 19 x 15 x 15 cm) and weighs less (2.1 kg vs. 3 kg). Of course, it is also cheaper (about €60 vs. €100-120). It also has a longer autonomy. But it is clear that the original Bang is more powerful (60 W vs. 40 W) and has better sound quality.

In our opinion, the Bang SE is better value for money and we recommend it to most people. However, if you want to spend a little more, or need the best sound for less than 150-200 euros, the Bang is the better choice.

Opinion Tronsmart Bang SE Is it worth it?

Review Tronsmart Bang SE portable speakerReview Tronsmart Bang SE portable speaker

The Bang SE party speaker, which provides excellent sound quality and you can get it for a very affordable price. It is hard to find a speaker that offers such good sound at the price you can buy this Bang SE, adding to its waterproof, power, and light design.

There is no doubt that this is an impressive speaker for small parties of about 6 people and is capable of filling large rooms and for outdoor listening.

The aesthetics of this speaker are very striking thanks to the four RGB zones that allow you to see the speaker and radiator in action. If you like this kind of visual effects, you are going to be delighted. On the other hand, it is also worth noting the ease with which it can be transported thanks to the strap to hang it over your shoulder or the handle if you prefer to hold it.

While it is true that it is not a perfect speaker, as it has some shortcomings. The most important is that it is a speaker with a fairly directional sound, so people who are not fully in front, will hear it with a reduced quality.

We also missed a dedicated app that would allow a band equalization to have more control, something that the Bang version has.

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8.8 Total Score
Tronsmart Bang SE review and opinion

The Tronsmart Bang SE is a speaker that delivers excellent sound quality at a very competitive price. It is difficult to find a speaker that offers the same performance for so little. It provides great power, has light effects, a good autonomy, as well as IPX6 water resistance. It is not perfect, as its sound is very directional and it also does not have the possibility of equalization through an app like other competing models. But considering its price, in our opinion it is one of the most interesting options you can buy.

  • Surprisingly powerful for its size
  • Strong bass at moderate volumesositive Item 2
  • Ability to add another speaker at the same time
  • Good battery life
  • Broad connectivity
  • Very directional sound
  • No equalization with app
  • Somewhat heavy for its size

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