JBL GO 3 review – What are its improvements?

The JBL GO 3, is the new generation of the most portable series of the American company. In this new edition, some aesthetic changes have been made both in the shape and in the materials. There are also no major innovations in terms of sound, but the new model has improved compared to its predecessor, the JBL GO 2.

Next, in this review, we will tell you what changes and new features the new JBL GO 3 has and what we think about it.


As we further explained in the introduction of this review, the external appearance of the new JBL GO 3 has been revised and is quite different from its predecessor. Now the body, instead of plastic, is covered with a fabric, which, by the way, is made of a very durable material.

This finish is seen on most of the company’s speakers, for example, the Flip 5 series or the Charge 4 series.

Its size and weight have also been increased, but it is still a very small speaker and is easy to take anywhere.

The sides and bottom are rubberized, and a strap is now integrated at the top for easier carrying.

In this new generation, in addition to the water resistance that the GO 2 version already had, dust resistance has now been added. The new JBL GO 3 is therefore IP67 certified, so you can use it in the pool or at the beach.

On the top there are buttons to control the volume, pause and play music, as well as the Bluetooth button.
It only has a USB-C port for charging and does not have an additional audio jack. The connection to the cell phone is done via Bluetooth, in this model in version 5.1, which allows a greater connection range and also greater stability.

As for the colors, there is less variety than in version 2, which was available in 12 different colors and now remains in 8, sufficient to cover all tastes.

The new JBL GO 3 is available in 8 different colors
The new JBL GO 3 is available in 8 different colors


The battery still has the same runtime with a maximum of 5 hours of continuous use at moderate volume. The battery is fully charged in about two and a half hours.

Sound quality

In terms of sound quality, the JBL GO 3 has received some improvements and sounds better than its predecessor. The power is now increased from 3.1W to 4.2W, resulting in a higher volume with less distortion when listening near the maximum volume.

Inside, there is a 43 x 47 mm driver, which is larger than the previous model and allows for better frequency response. In this case, it ranges from 110 Hz to 20,000 Hz.

You can tell the bass has a bit more punch and the sound is more nuanced.

JBL GO 3 Opinion – Final Evaluation

Without a doubt, the JBL GO 3 offers some very interesting improvements over the already great performance of the previous generation. It has been revamped with a new design and new materials, and is both dust and water resistant.

The connection with the phone is now wider and more stable thanks to the new version of Bluetooth 5.1.

And in terms of sound, it has increased its performance with less distortion at high volume and greater clarity, and is now able to reproduce the low frequency range better, with more consistent bass.

Although the previous version can still be found, the price of the new JBL GO 3 is not much different and is the more interesting option in our opinion.

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