Secretlab TITAN Evo VALORANT Jett & Reyna Edition

On the occasion of Episode 7 Act I of VALORANT, Secretlab has expanded its VALORANT collection for its. TITAN EVO chair with new designs inspired by agents Jett and Reyna. Get ready to reach new heights in the new episode with the Secretlab VALORANT Jett and Reyna Edition chairs, offering the same ergonomics trusted by the VALORANT Champions Tour and the world’s best players.

Since its launch in 2020, VALORANT has quickly become one of the most popular first-person shooter games in the world. With a thriving global competitive circuit, regional leagues and a growing community, VALORANT continues to go from strength to strength with its tactical approach and room for creativity in gameplay.

Agents Jett and Reyna are two of the most popular characters in VALORANT. According to Riot Games, Reyna was the most voted for Agent in 2022, and Jett continues to be an integral part of both casual and professional game play. These agents are the spearheads of their teams, with skills designed to take on their opponents.

The Secretlab VALORANT Jett and Reyna Edition chair highlights the distinctive elements of Jett and Reyna, as well as their respective skills. The Jett Edition chair features a white swirl on the shoulder and blue panels on the upholstery, reflecting his suit design.

The Reyna Edition chair mimics the gold studs on his waistband and the V-shape of his waistcoat. Both chairs are a must-have for Jett and Reyna fans, allowing them to immerse themselves in the gaming experience of their favourite agents with an ergonomic design backed by science and used by the world’s best players.

“In gaming, as in design, the devil is in the details. Our goal with the VALORANT Jett and Reyna Edition chairs was to capture the spirit of these incredible Agents, down to the smallest detail, allowing gamers to feel as if they were stepping into the shoes of their favorite Agent.

It’s not just about aesthetics. It’s about embodying the Agent’s personality, background and play style, and creating a visceral connection to the game from the moment they sit down.”

Irene, Senior Product Graphic Designer

The idea to create a special edition based on the VALORANT agents came after the success of the Secretlab VALORANT Edition chair. We wanted to create a design that would allow players to express their love for these iconic characters and go beyond the basic embroidery details.

According to John Goscicki, producer of the VALORANT character team, it takes 10 to 14 months to design a new agent. Each agent is a work of passion, built around carefully selected mechanics that highlight their individuality.

The Secretlab VALORANT Jett and Reyna Edition chairs were designed as a tribute to this creative process. Each agent has a unique visual identity and we wanted our chairs to capture every detail of Jett and Reyna’s design and personality, recognising the creative dedication that went into them.

The creation of the Jett and Reyna Edition was the result of a year of painstaking collaboration with the VALORANT team at Riot Games. From the colour palettes and signature outfits to the abilities of the agents, no detail was overlooked.

The Secretlab VALORANT Jett and Reyna Edition chairs have been specifically designed to meet the needs of the core players who choose Jett and Reyna. These chairs will give them the confidence to use their favourite agent and lead their team to victory. Combining the patented ergonomic features of the Secretlab TITAN Evo with the agent-inspired design, these chairs will enhance players’ performance and allow them to enjoy their gaming experience to the fullest.

Embodying the agents’ design in our chairs.

Each chair is upholstered in our soft and comfortable Secretlab NEO™ Hybrid Leatherette, carefully matched in colour to the Jett and Reyna costumes. The Jett Edition chair is upholstered in a cheerful blue, reminiscent of the agile South Korean duelist, while the Reyna Edition chair is upholstered in a vibrant purple, reflecting the aggressiveness of the fierce Mexican duelist.

The design motifs of the agents’ outfits have also been meticulously reproduced on the chairs. For example, the swirl on Jett’s right shoulder is mirrored on the side of the chair, as are the X-shaped details on his belt. Even the panels of the chair’s main backrest allude to Jett’s superior design. In addition, teal and sole detailing has been added to the front edge of the seat, adding a subtle but distinctive touch.

Similarly, the Reyna Edition chair mimics the gold studs on Reyna’s waistband and the V-shape of her waistcoat. Subtle tone-on-tone details, reminiscent of her armour plates, add visual interest without being overly intricate. The design is completed with intricate diamond embroidery on the side wings and gold accents, creating the perfect combination of elegance, power and darkness that characterises VALORANT’s most ruthless duelist.

Immerse yourself in the world of Jett and Reyna.

The design of the chairs wasn’t just limited to the visual aspect of the characters. The Ultimates are fundamental aspects of VALORANT’s gameplay and economy, so we knew they had to be prominently featured on the chairs,” says Irene.

VALORANT players know all too well the difference these Ultimates can make – Jett can win tough rounds for his team with a few well thrown knives, and Reyna can look unstoppable with her Empress ability. That’s why Jett’s Blade Storm and Reyna’s Empress ultimates are embroidered in detail on the back of the chairs, using a combination of flat and satin stitching for a unique three-dimensional effect.

Wind is a central element in Jett’s design and is reflected in the gusts of wind embroidered on the back of the chair, a reference to Jett’s radiant abilities. On the other hand, Reyna’s ethereal Leer is embroidered on the back of the Reyna Edition chair, using the same combination of stitches for a stunning visual effect. Reyna’s blind is an integral part of her style and when opponents see the pattern on the back of the chair, they know Reyna is not far behind.

The Secretlab VALORANT Jett and Reyna Edition chairs were designed with the core players who choose these agents in mind, and allow players to feel powerful while sitting in them, almost as if they are channeling the characters’ radiant abilities.

See VALORANT Jett Edition

The Secretlab TITAN Evo VALORANT Jett Edition Gaming Chair is perfect for gamers who want to draw first blood and win all their gaming duels. Upholstered in blue Secretlab NEO™ Hybrid Leatherette, specially tailored to reflect Jett’s character design, the Jett Edition chair pays homage to the agile South Korean duelist. The chair’s backrest is decorated with embroidered gusts of wind, representing Jett’s skills and his Blade Storm knives. The stitching also creates a three-dimensional visual effect. The chair is available in sizes R and XL.

See edition VALORANT Reyna

The Secretlab TITAN Evo VALORANT Reyna Edition chair is designed for players who want to dominate their opponents. Covered in a deep purple Secretlab NEO™ Hybrid Leatherette, reminiscent of the Mexican duelist’s distinctive attire, the Reyna Edition chair is made for those who want to score multiple kills in the game. The chair’s back features Reina’s design and signature details, such as diamond embroidery on the side wings and gold accents. This combination of elegance and power perfectly reflects the personality of VALORANT’s fiercest duelist. The saddle is also available in sizes R and XL.

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